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Cosmetics for Pregnant Women and Babies

Gentleness and high quality come first in care of pregnant women and newborn babies. So, let´s have a look at what cosmetics are suitable for pregnant women and babies and what to look out when selecting cosmetic products.

Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most amazing, but at the same time, the most challenging periods in women´s life. It is therefore important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including selection of suitable cosmetics. Suitable skincare during pregnancy and care of sensitive skin of newborns can prevent allergic reactions and skin problems.


How to choose cosmetics for pregnant women and expectant mothers?

Kosmetika pro těhotné a miminka

Physical needs of women, as well as their sensitivity to various ingredients contained in cosmetic products, change during pregnancy. Particularly at this time it is of paramount importance to use cosmetics that neither irritate the skin, nor cause allergic reactions. What shall you focus on?

1. Safe composition

Focus on products with natural and allergen-free ingredients.

2. Safe perfume

Some perfumes and fragrances contained in cosmetic products can cause allergic reactions and increased sensitivity during pregnancy. Consider using products with minimal or no perfume.

3. Protection against the Sun

Sun exposure can be more dangerous during pregnancy than ever because the skin is more sensitive to pigmentation. Use broad-spectrum sunscreens with a high SPF and avoid direct sunlight.

4. Safe hair cosmetics

Be careful when dyeing your hair or using chemical hair products. Focus on hair cosmetics suitable for sensitive scalp and with allergen-free perfume during pregnancy.

5. Preventive measures

Some expectant mothers worry about formation of stretch marks (i. e. striae gravidarum) during pregnancy. Are you one of them? Choose products with vitamin E, collagen, elastin or other active substances. Such products will help you maintain your skin supple, soft and firm. However, most stretch marks are genetic and they cannot be entirely prevented.

“It is important to listen to your body and respond to its needs during pregnancy.”

Every pregnant woman is unique and what works for one woman may not work for another. So, bear in mind that the best cosmetics for you are those that respect your needs and your sensitivity at this important stage of your life.

In case of any doubts about safety of your selected or used cosmetics, it is always appropriate to consult a physician.


How about skin care during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes affecting condition of your skin may occur during pregnancy. Choose gentle cleansing and hydrating products that do not contain any irritant substances. Pay attention to acne, which can be more frequent during pregnancy. If you need advice, consult a dermatologist.

How to Take Care of Skin during Pregnancy

Kosmetika Clear&Happy

The Clear & Happy cosmetic range is linked with the concept of “Happy Skin” – if our skin is balanced, it looks healthy and feels good, so it is happy.

This face care is based on a highly natural alcohol-free composition with herbs, cucumber extract and allergen-free perfume. Thanks to that it effectively fights acne and provides oily and problematic skin with ideal care not only during pregnancy.

CLEAR & HAPPY Lotion and Tonic for Acne – fresh herbal-cucumber lotion and hydrating tonic gently cleanses and calms oily and problematic skin that is prone to acne. It alleviates the signs of acne, hydrates, brightens and protects the skin from adverse environmental impacts.

The gentle CLEAR & HAPPY Face Cream for Oily and Problematic skin is ideal for acne-prone skin. The light moisturising face cream with fresh cucumber fragrance significantly alleviates the symptoms of acne, mattes too oily skin and restores softness of dry skin. It creates a barrier protecting the skin from adverse environmental impacts.

The multifunctional CLEAR & HAPPY 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel, Scrub & Face Pack  with fresh cucumber fragrance is completely essential for oily and acne-prone skin care. It guarantees perfect and deep skin cleansing, mitigates the symptoms of acne, hydrates and brightens the skin. Thanks to this the skin can absorb effective substances from subsequent cosmetic products.

Soothing CLEAR SOS Gel for Acne and Pimplesimmediate help when the first symptoms of acne appear. This highly effective herbal gel for quick drying and soothing of pimples won 3rd place in the Cosmetic Stars 2022 survey, in the category of “Dermatological Care”! Ideal care for beautiful skin fitting into every handbag! Suitable also for treating small scratches or bites!


Even Dry Skin is an Unexpected Symptom during Pregnancy

Due to hormonal pregnancy changes, growing belly and increased physical demands the skin can become dryer.

The Dead Sea Nourishing, Hydrating and Regenerating Body Butter for sensitive and dry skin contains cocoa and shea butter, almond oil, Dead Sea salt, oat beta-glucan and panthenol. This highly natural composition provides immediate relief, nourishment and hydration. Delicate and fresh allergen-free unisex fragrance amazingly scents the skin.

Daisy Caring Body Oil – caring body oil with daisy, coenzyme Q10 and natural oils provides sensitive skin with nourishment, hydration, regeneration and prevents premature aging.

Care of Sensitive Face and Skin during Pregnancy

Kolekce Sedmikráska

Daisy Moisturising Body Lotion – combination of almond oil, hydrating daisy extract, soothing panthenol, oat beta-glucan, lactic acid and vitamin E provides the skin with intense regeneration, nourishment, hydration, elasticity and protection.

Daisy Makeup Remover – do not go to bed without removing makeup and cleansing your face! Extra soft makeup remover for sensitive skin with daisy and oat beta-glucan will perfectly remove makeup and other impurities.

Daisy Anti-Pollution Day Face Creamperfect face care for life in the city for those who love nature. Gentle anti-pollution day cream with a unique cocktail of natural ingredients for sensitive skin provides long-lasting hydration and protection from adverse environmental impacts and prevents formation of wrinkles. With an ECO refill.

The Daisy Delicate Anti-Aging Night Face Cream for sensitive skin with daisy, peptides and hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration, smooths out wrinkles and intensely nourishes.


Prevent formation of stretch marks and try our Slimming Serum against Stretch Marks and Cellulite with effective natural PROVISLIM® substance (awarded at the Expo Milan) and STRIOVER® – thanks to this patented substance the serum can be used even during pregnancy to prevent formation of new stretch marks.

Daisy Caring Body Oil – caring body oil with daisy, coenzyme Q10 and natural oils provides sensitive skin with nourishment, hydration, regeneration and prevents premature aging. Fine allergen-free fragrance envelops the skin in captivating pure scent. Free from colourants and preservatives.


Hair Cosmetics for Pregnant Women

Extra jemný Šampon snů Pivní kosmetika

The Beer Cosmetics Extra Soft Dream Shampoo with modern formula without SLES and silicones. Suitable for all types of hair, including sensitive scalp. With pleasant allergen-free fragrance.

Dead Sea Salt Extra Soft Shampoo for Volume & Hydration without SLES, with Dead Sea salt and oat extract for nourishment, hydration and volume. Ideal for fine, normal and greasy hair and persons with sensitive scalp.

Dead Sea Soft Hair Balm for Regeneration & Hydration – regenerating conditioner with natural ingredients without silicones suitable for fine, normal and greasy hair and sensitive scalp. Strength, volume and shine with pleasant pure fragrance.


Cosmetics for Babies

The skin of babies is much finer and more prone to irritation than the skin of adults. So, focus on 4 basic tips for selection of safe cosmetics for newborns.

„Before using new cosmetics, always test the particular product on a small area of skin to prevent allergic reactions.“

1. Choose allergen-free products – the products designated as allergen-free are designed to minimise the risk of allergic reactions.

2. Soaps and shampoos with neutral or slightly acidic pH – soaps and shampoo with neutral or slightly acidic pH are gentle to the skin of babies and they minimize the risk of irritation.

3. Test on a small area of skin - before using new cosmetics, always test the particular product on a small area of skin to prevent allergic reactions.

The Baby Friendly Gentle Washing & Bath Emulsion and the Baby Friendly Gentle Hair Shampoo  are ideal for extra mild care of sensitive children´s skin. They do not contain any colourants or sulphates, have a pH of 5.5, include allergen-free perfume and are suitable also for newborns.

The Baby Friendly Gentle Nourishing Face and Body Cream perfectly regenerates, nourishes and softens sensitive skin of the youngest. It maintains the skin soft and provides it with long-lasting protection from adverse environmental impacts. It does not contain any colourants or mineral oils and is accompanied with light allergen-free perfume.

The Baby Friendly Extra Soft Caring Oil with almond, apricot kernel and oat oils represents the highest-quality and the gentlest care of sensitive children´s skin. It does not contain any colourants, preservatives or mineral oils. It is suitable also for newborns.

Dětská kosmetika Baby&Friendly


Tip for Mothers after Childbirth

Taking care of the skin of new mothers after childbirth is not only cosmetic a cosmetic issue but it has a significant impact of their psyche and overall well-being. It is important for mothers to pay enough attention to skin care and to adapt it to their individual needs. Every woman deserves the feeling of well-being and self-confidence at this important phase of her life.

The unique Slimming 2-in-1 Serum against Stretch Marks and Cellulite firms and slims the skin and effectively prevents stretch marks. When used regularly, it reduces the occurrence of orange peel skin by up to 39.5% and thigh volume by up to 1 cm.


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