We are giving gifts!

How to multiply your joy of shopping true cosmetics? With a nice gift! Reward yourself during shopping. We have prepared a great special event for you and we believe you will be pleased. What gifts are we giving? Purchase over CZK 590 Get great products from the popular Manufaktura Beer cosmetics for purchase over CZK … Číst více

Limited Edition with Rose hip = Your autumn love

Here it is! We are happy to finally present our new limited edition, which will definitely become your pleasant companion of this year´s autumn and winter. We were preparing it with love and enthusiasm for several months and we believe you will fall in love with it.   Get Acquainted with ROSE HIP   In … Číst více

Brick-and-Mortar Shops in New Design

We are creating more beautiful and more original places for shopping! We have spent last few months by reconstructing our shops. We are gradually refashioning one shop after another in new design in the spirit of “natural historic laboratory”, which symbolizes what we draw inspiration from in development, i.e. tradition and local nature.

Prolong life of your tan

Autumn is approaching, which means that tan we have been working on for the whole summer is slowly beginning to fade. No reason for sadness. We have a simple solution for you, thanks to which you can easily prolong your tan without giving up your bronze colour in winter. Do you know our Manufaktura Self-Tanning … Číst více

We have a loyalty program!

Since 1991 Manufaktura has been true to traditions, nature, emphasis on local origin and exceptional relationships with customers and employees. Not only for this reason we established “Manufaktura Club” – loyalty programme within which we can reward our customers for their loyalty. Join us and we will make you happy too… Collect points for shopping … Číst více

Bloom into Beauty with Daisy

Enjoy summer days with daisy and discover seven magic tricks of your beauty! Get acquainted with our bestsellers that have been very popular with our customers for a long time and discover the secret of tender daisy cosmetics ideal for sensitive skin. Daisy was considered a cure-all and people believed it brought good luck. This … Číst více

News for Hair without Dandruff

  We have launched a new soft anti-dandruff shampoo with beer and herbs. The shampoo extends our offer of the legendary beer cosmetics presented mainly as hair care in recent years. Liquid Gold for Beautiful Hair Our grandmothers knew that beer had beneficial effects on quality of hair – it reduces brittleness, adds a light … Číst více

We are Switching to 50% Recycling Packaging

Respect for the environment is a natural part of our business activity since the very beginning of our establishment in 1991. We are very active in the area of sustainability and we give serious attention to the issue of packaging. In general, we save it by using packages from paper, PET, glass and other easily … Číst více

New MEADOW Anti-Pollution Range

We spend majority of our life in cities offering us a huge variety of options and choices, entertainment and excitement as well as drawbacks, such as polluted environment, which is an enemy (not only) of our skin. Smog, carbon dioxide, industrial residues, UV radiation, tobacco smoke, stress, blue radiation from computers and mobile phones significantly … Číst více

Ideal Skin Care beneath a Face Mask

We all know that wearing face masks and respirators frequently is a difficult experience for our skin. How to take care of it and avoid suffering? Get inspired by our tender care full of nature and treat your skin to what it really deserves… Proper skin cleansing, i.e. removing all impurities and make-up, is the … Číst více

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