Plant joy – gift for shopping

When the world around us blossoms, everything is happier. We have prepared great special offer for you and we believe you will like it. If you buy any product from the new MEADOW anti-pollution collection in our brick-and-mortar shops in June, you will get a small gift from us in the form of wildflower seeds, … Číst více

Thank you, Teacher!

We say thank you to teachers for their work, patience, leniency, encouragement and help also this year. Since the end of this school year is approaching, we are bringing you some gift tips that will definitely delight your teachers.   This school year was very untraditional again. We must say a big thank you not … Číst více

Father´s Day – Do not Forget your Dad

  Do you know that Father´s Day is on June 20 this year? Do not forget to wish a Happy Father´s Day to your dad, give him a gift and make him feel better this day. He definitely deserves it for his love, attention and care.   Fortunately, high-quality cosmetics and body care are no … Číst více

News for Hair without Dandruff

  We have launched a new soft anti-dandruff shampoo with beer and herbs. The shampoo extends our offer of the legendary beer cosmetics presented mainly as hair care in recent years. Liquid Gold for Beautiful Hair Our grandmothers knew that beer had beneficial effects on quality of hair – it reduces brittleness, adds a light … Číst více

We are Switching to 50% Recycling Packaging

Respect for the environment is a natural part of our business activity since the very beginning of our establishment in 1991. We are very active in the area of sustainability and we give serious attention to the issue of packaging. In general, we save it by using packages from paper, PET, glass and other easily … Číst více

New MEADOW Anti-Pollution Range

We spend majority of our life in cities offering us a huge variety of options and choices, entertainment and excitement as well as drawbacks, such as polluted environment, which is an enemy (not only) of our skin. Smog, carbon dioxide, industrial residues, UV radiation, tobacco smoke, stress, blue radiation from computers and mobile phones significantly … Číst více

Ideal Skin Care beneath a Face Mask

We all know that wearing face masks and respirators frequently is a difficult experience for our skin. How to take care of it and avoid suffering? Get inspired by our tender care full of nature and treat your skin to what it really deserves… Proper skin cleansing, i.e. removing all impurities and make-up, is the … Číst více

Anti-Pollution Care in Three Steps

The new cosmetic collection full of herbs, flowers, fruit, cleanliness and tender care will become your everyday escape to nature and a companion of beautiful and protected skin and hair. The MEADOW range brings a comprehensive care in three steps: gentle cleansing, balance and support of protective barrier. Only by means of suitable care you … Číst více

What does “anti-pollution” mean?

We launched a brand new MEADOW cosmetic range in March. This exceptional collection ideal for life in the city reacts to a current worldwide trend in the cosmetic industry – anti-pollution. What does it mean? We interviewed Ing. Eva Hořčíková, our developer. We spend majority of our life in cities, which offer us a huge … Číst více

Wonderful Decorations and Toys with Czech Tradition

  This is the perfect time to turn attention to Czech products and local companies. More than ever before it is necessary to support local brands and to help them cope with this unpleasant and troublesome season. Visit the category of Toys and Decorations in the section of Accessories in our online store and discover … Číst více

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