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How to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

Winter is tough for our skin and the facial cosmetics that we commonly use during the year may not be sufficient, particularly for sensitive skin. When is it high time to change cosmetic products? Here are some tips and tricks for face, body and hand care in winter. The winter season is a heavy burden for … Číst více

Jak zjistit typ pleti, který máte?

Suitable Skin Care Products according to the Skin Types

Each of us should know their skin type and choose such cosmetic products that appropriately support this particular type. Our article will provide you with a comprehensive picture of how to take care of your skin with respect to its specificities in order to maintain it beautiful, hydrated and brightened. Proper skin care is the … Číst více

Alcohol in cosmetics: Yes, or no?

Do you wonder why alcohol is used in cosmetic products, what are its advantages or drawbacks, or do you want to know what about alcohol in Manufaktura cosmetics? Read what the long-time Manufaktura developer – Ing. Eva Horčíková – says about that. Alcohol (i. e. denatured alcohol or ethanol in composition) contained in cosmetic products … Číst více

How we Baked the Vanilla Crescent Cookies Collection with Shopaholic Nicol

Take a look behind the scene and find out how we developed the Christmas cosmetic edition in close cooperation with the popular Czech influencer Shopaholic Nicol. In the interview with our creative manager Bára Čechová you will learn some interesting facts about the course of preparation. How did you bake Vanilla Crescent Cookies? This traditionally … Číst více

Kosmetika pro těhotné a miminka

Cosmetics for Pregnant Women and Babies

Gentleness and high quality come first in care of pregnant women and newborn babies. So, let´s have a look at what cosmetics are suitable for pregnant women and babies and what to look out when selecting cosmetic products. Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most amazing, but at the same time, the most challenging periods … Číst více

Forest Fruit Limited Edition

We present to you the latest limited edition that connects the strength of nature, nostalgic memories of summer and the magic of forest environment. Why the limited edition of Forest Fruit? We feel great in the forest, we go there to regenerate, to breathe and to regain strength. Forest fruit is our local “super food”, … Číst více

Nejlepší krém na ruce Louka

The Best Hand Creams

Hands are our business card and they reveal not only restlessness and fatigue, but also our age. Hands are usually the first place where the signs of aging appear, even faster than wrinkles in the face. That is why it is important to take care of hands thoroughly and with love. Only regular hand care … Číst více

Efektivní čištění a peeling pleti – Manufaktura

Effective Skin Cleansing and Exfoliation

Who would not want to have flawless looking skin? However, keeping the skin in top condition is often challenging. So, let´s focus on the best products for skin cleansing. We promise that you will enjoy the way to beautiful-looking skin. Regular and effective skin cleansing is an absolute base of the skin care. This important … Číst více

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