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Effective Skin Cleansing and Exfoliation

Who would not want to have flawless looking skin? However, keeping the skin in top condition is often challenging. So, let´s focus on the best products for skin cleansing. We promise that you will enjoy the way to beautiful-looking skin.

Efektivní čištění a peeling pleti – Manufaktura

Regular and effective skin cleansing is an absolute base of the skin care. This important step influences the overall condition of the skin and to a large extent also our mental state.

How to cleanse your skin at home?

Home skin cleansing is very important. It removes all impurities and prepares the skin for receiving effective substances from caring cosmetics. You should cleanse your skin ideally in the morning and in the evening, even if you do not apply any makeup.


  • Soothing lotion / tonic, which hydrates, soothes, tones and removes skin impurities, is the most suitable product for morning cleansing.
  • Evening cleansing should always start with makeup remover, which removes all impurities, such as makeup residues, impurities from the air, and others.

Make Skin Cleansing a Ritual

Find out how to properly cleanse your skin step by step and how to perform deep cleansing:

1st step: Makeup Removal

Use Daisy Makeup Remover with almond oil, hydrating complex, panthenol and vitamin E for removing your makeup.

For cleansing and degreasing your skin, try e. g. our Daisy Makeup Removing Gel, which is produced from gentle surfactants and hydrating substances.

For evening makeup removal, you can use also the Daisy Makeup Removing Emulsion, which cleanses the skin without leaving a greasy film. It can remove also waterproof makeup. At the same time, the emulsion works as face toner and hydrates the skin immediately.

Odličovací péče z řady Sedmikráska
Cleansing Face Care Daisy

2nd step: Toning and Soothing the Skin

After cleansing, the skin should be toned and sufficiently hydrated:

The Daisy Calming Face Toner tones and refreshes the skin, provides it with needed hydrating substances and stretches it.

The protective and detoxifying Meadow Hydrating Micellar Water with an anti-pollution complex from Czech and Slovak herbs and fruit gently removes impurities and makeup from the skin.

The Clear & Happy Lotion and Tonic with plant extracts regulates sebum production and has a hydrating and antimicrobial effect.

We do not recommend to regularly use the Daisy Cleansing Gel and the  Meadow Micellar Water for dry or mature skin. They contain gentle surfactants that degrease the skin, which is not desirable in the above-mentioned types of skin.

3rd step: Skin Nourishment and Hydration

After application of the products intended for cleansing the skin in the morning and in the evening, application of nourishing creams and face serums follows:

Miracle from wildflowers that you fall in love with! The MEADOW Anti-Pollution & Anti-Aging Face Serum contains a unique complex from Czech and Slovak herbs and fruit. It smooths and brightens the skin, provides it with hydration and protects it perfectly from adverse environmental impacts.

The Daisy Moisturising Face Fluid will accompany you all day long. You will appreciate it as effective hydrating and rejuvenating primer, but also as day and night cream.

The gentle CLEAR & HAPPY Face Cream for Problematic Skin is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. The light moisturising face cream with fresh cucumber fragrance significantly reduces acne, mattes too oily skin and restores softness of dry skin.

The exclusive Facial Elixir for mature skin is suitable as moisturising day and night cream for deep wrinkles and wrinkle around the eyes. Moreover, it saves nature thanks to the cost-effective ECO refill.

Kolekce Clear & Happy
Clear & Happy Collection

The soft Dead Sea Moisturising Face Cream contains minerals from the Dead Sea, oat extract, hyaluronic acid and ceramides for hydration, rejuvenation and protection. It is suitable also for sensitive skin.

The soft Dead Sea Nigh Rejuvenating Face Cream with minerals from the Dead Sea is suitable for sensitive skin. Tender but intense touch for regeneration, hydration, rejuvenation and protection.

The Daisy Anti-Aging Night Face Cream - gentle rejuvenating and night face cream for sensitive skin with the daisy, peptides and hyaluronic acid provides the skin with long-lasting hydration, smooths out wrinkles and intensely nourishes.

The Daisy Facial Oil Elixir – the exclusive facial oil regenerates, nourishes, softens, hydrates the skin and prevents its aging. With allergen-free fragrance. Suitable for all types of skin, incl. the sensitive one.

Just a few minutes and you will feel more beautiful. The intense MEADOW After Party and Detoxifying Brightening Face Mask perfectly kick-starts the skin and makes a look in the mirror more pleasant. It detoxifies, brightens, hydrates and stretches the skin.

The Daisy Rejuvenating Hydrating Facial Booster  - a clinical study confirmed reduction of wrinkles by up to 64.5%! Anti-aging, lifting, hydration, firming and highly intense and concentrated face care, packed with a high content of active substances for effective rejuvenation full of nature.


TIP! Do not forget to apply face creams and face packs also to your neck and décolletage – this is where the skin aging is often the most visible. The skin on the neck and décolletage contains a few sebaceous glands, so that is why the skin on these body parts is dryer, thinner and more sensitive.


Gentle exfoliating scrub with abrasive particles removes dead skin cells. Therefore, exfoliation is very beneficial to the skin and it is recommended to apply it once or twice a day.

It prevents clogging of pores and smooths, brightens and lightens the skin. It also improves the effects of other products, which penetrate the skin more easily afterwards.

Jak na domácí peeling obličeje?

How to exfoliate your face at home?

TIP: Exfoliate your skin ideally in the evening.  Your skin will have a lot of time for regeneration overnight and reward you with radiance in the morning.

When exfoliating sensitive skin, proceed carefully on the neck and décolletage, because there is much thinner skin than in the face. Be careful also if your skin has spider or broken veins.

Do not exfoliate the eye area, where the skin is very thin and sensitive, nor the acne-prone skin or the skin with fresh inflamed areas in order to avoid bigger irritation, or infection.

Exfoliate very sensitive skin in longer intervals (e. g. once or twice a week), so that is has enough time for regeneration.

The Daisy Soft Cleansing Scrub for Face and Lips contains almond and oat oil, squalene, daisy extract and also very fine exfoliating particles from the bamboo, which gently abrade the skin and provide it with hydration and softening.

You can try also the Daisy Cleansing Face Mask with pink clay, hyaluronic acid, oat beta-glucan, daisy extract and other hydrating substances.

The multifunctional 3-in1 CLEAR & HAPPY Cleansing Gel, Scrub & Face Pack with fresh cucumber fragrance is absolutely essential in oily and acne-prone skin care. It guarantees perfect and deep skin cleansing, mitigates the symptoms of acne, hydrates and brightens the skin.

Pay Attention also to Your Lips

Balzám na rty z kolekce Meruňka

Your daily skin care should include also lips. Treat your lips to deep nourishment overnight by means of our nourishing serum intended for lips and provide them with softness, protection, volume and natural colour during the day with high-quality pomade, which ideally supplies your lips with everything they need.

The APRICOT Hydrating & Plumping Lip Balm – highly natural lip pomade provides the lips with volume, velvety look, long-lasting intense hydration, and its fruit tones amazingly scent the lips.

Due to the natural beetroot pigment the Toning & Hydrating Lip Balm with Natural Oils provides the lips with juicy and natural red tint. Moreover, it nourishes the lips thanks to a high content of shea butter and natural oils.

The creamy MEADOW Anti-Pollution & Anti-Aging Lip Serum contains a unique natural complex from Czech and Slovak meadow herbs and fruit, which has an excellent detoxifying effect and effectively protects the lips from adverse environmental impacts. It promotes regeneration, hydration and brightening and slows down skin aging.

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