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How we Baked the Vanilla Crescent Cookies Collection with Shopaholic Nicol

Take a look behind the scene and find out how we developed the Christmas cosmetic edition in close cooperation with the popular Czech influencer Shopaholic Nicol. In the interview with our creative manager Bára Čechová you will learn some interesting facts about the course of preparation.

Limitovaná edice Vanilkový rohlíček

How did you bake Vanilla Crescent Cookies?

This traditionally non-traditional mini-Christmas collection, which smells like vanilla and perfectly represents popular Czech Christmas cookies, is a premiere for Manufaktura this year. The limited edition of Vanilla Crescent Cookies was developed in collaboration with the famous Czech influencer Shopaholic Nicol. On the occasion of the launch, we interviewed our creative manager Bára Čechová, who revealed some interesting behind-the-scene facts.


Who came up with the idea of a common collection?

Nicol herself was the first one who came up with this nice idea. Just recently, when I was holding a complete package of all the products in my hands, a memory of an afternoon spent together at the river under our office windows in August 2022 crossed my mind. That was when we discussed this topic with Nicol for the first time. It seemed like a miracle at that moment. And it was like it had happened a few days ago but suddenly a complete real collection was in front of me.

Was it difficult to push through this collection in Manufaktura?

We had to discuss a lot with our colleagues but it was fine that everyone loved the idea, so we focused on looking for ways how to carry it out. It was necessary to take into account our standard limited collections, which we traditionally launch on 1 September and which are our main Christmas topics until the end of the year. At the same time, we had to consider time required for developing and testing the formulae, production technologies for new types of products, to propose a system of collaboration in terms of economics, prepare a high-quality contract, etc. It took us one year to produce the first batches from genesis of the idea, which can seem like a long time, but believe me, it is not. It is great that all colleagues did their best to get through it together.


What was collaboration with Nicol like?

Excellent, agreeable, nice... Really. As soon as we agreed on how to launch the collection, Nicol met out developers. We went through the concept of the collection together, chose the main ingredients (almond and vanilla extracts) and discussed the products in terms of their effects, fragrance, consistency, packaging… Not long after that we came to see perfumers to choose between many perfumes (54 samples finally) and the developers could get down to the first variants of formulae. Nicol continuously tested and commented the samples in order to achieve the best version.


“The hardest nut to crack when developing the Vanilla Crescent Cookies collection was surprisingly selection of perfume.”

Přírodní svíčka ze sójového vosku VANILKOVÝ ROHLÍČEK


What was the hardest nut to crack?

Surprisingly perfume. Vanilla fragrances are quite problematic and finding an interesting perfume, which most people will appreciate, which will be able to cover up natural aroma of plant basis and which will be stable and compatible with our formulae, it not easy at all. Another tough nut to crack was shower foam, which we conceived as a mechanical foaming agent without propellants. It was difficult to achieve rich creamy foam that contains a lot of active substances and is pleasant to the skin. But we managed to do it.


Who invented design?

Nicol wished that design of the collection corresponded to Manufaktura and that our court artist Diana Delevová painted the main motive. She wanted simple, clean and minimalistic design with the motive of crescent cookies. We did our best to meet this beautiful assignment together with our internal graphic designer Anička and we were very happy to “hit” it almost the first time. Implementation of the packaging was a bit more challenging since almost every package was produced in a different printing office, by a different technology, which is difficult to apply in terms of colour matching, but finally we were successful.


Can we look forward to another common collection in the future?

Les us be surprised 🙂

Vanilla Crescent Cookies Collection

A Christmas nostalgic, tenderly caring collection that smells like almond and vanilla ... This is our exclusive mini collection of Vanilla Crescent Cookies, which we prepared for you in collaboration with the influencer Shopaholic Nicol.
It is inspired by her beloved Christmas cookies, passion for sweet-smelling fragrances and her favourite products, without which she cannot imagine winter months.
Nicol collaborated on the formulae, selection of fragrance, packaging, testing and design with our development department.

A few words from Nikol:

“Smelling the products from this limited collection should evoke the Christmas atmosphere. I am truly grateful for being able to create this fragrant limited collection with my heart brand of Manufaktura. And I believe that customers will be as excited about the products as we are.

Limitovaná edice Vanilkový rohlíček

What products does the Vanilla Crescent Cookies offer?

♥ Rich creamy shower foam

♥ Emollient & hydrating hand cream

♥ Caring & nourishing lip oil

♥ Soy wax aroma candle

Everything is highly natural, accompanied with enchanting velvety fine fragrance, with vegan composition and certainly local origin. The collection includes also a gift set consisting of all products wrapped in a cute paper box.
The cosmetics include extracts from vanilla and almonds – ingredients that are traditionally used for baking tender vanilla crescent cookies.
Vanilla extract is obtained from vanilla pods and has hydrating, soothing and antioxidant qualities.
Almonds are incorporated in the formulae in the form of emollient and nourishing almond oil.

Make your cold winter evenings more pleasant and enjoy the magic of Christmas time and the atmosphere of sweet-smelling cookies whenever you like…

Limitovaná edice Vanilkový rohlíček

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