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Why gifts from Manufaktura?

Joy guaranteed! You can find Christmas gifts for all your loved ones with us.

Get inspired in our Gift Guide. A miscellaneous selection of cosmetics and accessories guarantees perfect and original gifts for women and men of all ages. You can choose from many ready-made gift sets, which are waiting to please their recipients. Gift packages for women, men  as well as the whole family are made to the last detail. Do not forget that Christmas is approaching…

Are you a fan of creativity and sustainability? Our range includes also PAKGAE FREE gifts, which have been very trendy recently. Imagination is not limited. See for yourself that a gift from Manufaktura is the right choice - it will surprise, delight, interest and bring a smile to your face...


Did you know that ...?

♥ We are 100% Czech company.

♥ Every year we launch many new products and limited editions, thanks to which you will never go wrong.

♥ We take pride in true and traditional formulae (Czech beer for hair, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, herbal extracts, essential oils,…)

♥ We follow the current cosmetic trends and incorporate them into the formulae of our cosmetic products.

♥ The vast majority of the products have a vegan

♥ We do not test on animals, we hold the HCS certificate.

♥ Manufaktura Christmas packages are exceptionally popular with our customers, especially due to their high quality, Czech tradition and beautiful design. Tried and tested combinations of products and original gift wrapping make the cosmetic sets perfect Christmas gifts, which you will never go wrong with and which will definitely bring joy.

♥ Manufaktura makes the gift packages to the last details. The products are packed in a magnificent paper box made in the Czech Republic and decorated with wonderful design by our nice artist Diana Delevová. Thanks to the gift wrapping the gifts are ready to please their recipients.

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