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How to Properly Layer Skincare Products

Modern cosmetics offer an inexhaustible choice of products intended for a specific type or problem of the skin – e. g. for wrinkles and acne. Thanks to these options you can set up your perfect skincare routine from A to Z, which will meet all your skin´s needs. But do you know how to layer skincare products and what should skincare include?

“You achieve almost no result if you use the best cosmetics but the individual products are not properly absorbed.”

Learn how to properly layer cosmetic products step by step. You will be rewarded with effective skincare, which your skin will fully benefit from.

Specific Tips on How to Layer Cosmetics

Regular and thorough skin cleansing twice a day before application of any caring product is a key element of success. Properly cleansed skin allows active substances to penetrate deeper into the skin and prove their qualities.

“When layering the caring products, start with the lightest ones. After their short absorption layer other products with thicker or fattier consistency.”

First, apply e. g. facial serum or fluid and after that face cream, eye cream or facial oil. The last layer should be SPF protection or decorative cosmetics.

If you reverse the order of application, you will significantly decrease the effectiveness of the lighter cosmetic products, which would be pity for your skin. You could even cause damage to your skin by improper layering. For example, if you start with facial oil and then you apply hydrating serum, your skin will be dry and dehydrated.

1. Makeup removal is the basis

Thorough makeup removal and skin cleansing is the basis of the skincare routine. Choose a makeup remover according to your skin type. You can start with the gentle two-phase makeup removing emulsion, which removes even water-proof makeup and mascara and other impurities from the skin.

“Do you long for beautiful skin? Do not go to bed without removing makeup and cleansing your skin!”

The extra soft makeup remover for sensitive skin with daisy and oat beta-glucan will perfectly remove makeup and other impurities from your skin and prepare it for further caring rituals.

Protective, detoxifying and hydrating Meadow anti-pollution & detoxifying micellar water with a complex from Czech and Slovak herbs and fruit for gentle removal of impurities and makeup is ideal for life in the city.

The cleansing and makeup removing facial gel with Daisy is perfect for quick makeup removal and skin cleansing directly during shower or bath. The delicate gel without SLES and with gentle tensides based on sugar and olive oil will provide even sensitive skin with extra mild care.


2. Exfoliation once or twice a week

The role of scrub or mechanical exfoliation of the skin consists in perfect removal of dead skin cells, ideally by means of gentle products and fine massage techniques.

Your skin will be radiant and velvety smooth after exfoliation and it will look fresh. Include this step in your skincare routine regularly once or twice a week.

Odličovací péče z řady Sedmikráska
Daisy Face Care

The gentle cleansing scrub for face and lips with Daisy contains small-grained natural bamboo particles, which perfectly and carefully remove dead cells, greasiness and impurities from the skin.

3. Skin toning

Toner rebalances skin pH, soothes the skin and regulates sebum production. Choose a fine lotion, which is perfect for morning and evening skin toning, which does not dry out and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Daisy soothing toner – get acquainted with a gentle companion for morning and evening skin toning. The toner with daisy, panthenol and almond oil is intended for hydration and regeneration of sensitive skin.

The fresh herbal-cucumber CLEAR & HAPPY lotion and tonic gently cleanses and soothes oily and problematic acne-prone skin. It alleviates the signs of acne, moisturises, brightens and protects the skin from adverse environmental impacts.

4. Eye cream

Do not omit your eye area where the skin is particularly delicate and thin. It requires regular hydrating care. Apply eye cream ideally in the morning and in the evening by gently tapping it into the skin - start in the inner corner of the eyes and move outward.

The anti-aging & lifting serum for eyes and lips with daisy, Q10 and peptides reduces mimic wrinkles, provides an immediate lifting effect and slows down skin aging due to its packed and very gentle composition with bio-functional peptides, coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid.

The exclusive complex 3-in-1 lifting eye serum with Rose reduces wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes. It eliminates the signs of fatigue and provides eyes lids with a lifting effect.

5. Facial serum

Facial serums are a great accessory to a common skincare routine. They provide the skin with active substances and vitamins in a more concentrated form than e. g. day and night creams. Facial serums multiply these skin effects since they get deeper into the skin due to the low molecular weight of some active substances, moreover, they are more concentrated in serums.

Treat your skin to intense natural rejuvenation. The exclusive lifting & anti-aging hyaluronic serum against wrinkles with Rose reduces wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, on the neck and décolletage. It provides long-lasting hydration, smooths, firms slackened contours of the face, soothes the skin and strengthens its barrier function.

The protective, detoxifying and rejuvenating anti-pollution & anti-aging Meadow facial serum for face and the eye area smooths and brightens the skin, provides it with moisture and perfectly protects it from adverse impacts of polluted environment Miracle from wildflowers that you fall in love with.

Liftingové & anti-aging sérum proti vráskám Růže
Rose Lifting, Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Serum
Dárkový set pro citlivou pleť Den & Noc SEDMIKRÁSKA
Day & Night Gift Set for Sensitive Skin with DAISY

6. Day/night cream

The next step is application of day or night cream. It partially “locks” hydration from the facial serum thanks to its thicker consistency and provides the skin with needed nourishment and further hydration.

The exclusive facial elixir - anti-wrinkle & lifting cream with Rose for mature skin is suitable as moisturising day and night cream for deep wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes.

Gentle anti-pollution day face cream with Daisy with a unique cocktail of natural ingredients provides sensitive skin with long-lasting hydration, protection from adverse environmental impacts and prevents formation of wrinkles.

The delicate anti-aging night face cream with Daisy for sensitive skin with daisy, peptides and hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration, smooths out wrinkles and intensely nourishes.

Exkluzivní pleťový olejový elixír Sedmikráska
Exclusive Facial Oil Elixir with Daisy

7. Facial oil

Facial oil should be applied last. If you do not use it, we recommend including it mainly during autumn and winter. Its great advantage is that it prevents leakage of moisture, soothes and protects the skin.

Exclusive facial oil elixir with Daisydiscover our embellishing daisy miracle inspired by Renaissance elixirs of beauty, which regenerates, nourishes, softens, hydrates and prevents skin aging.


8. SPF protection and decorative cosmetics

The last step of layering should be SPF protection – sun cream, foundation and decorative cosmetics. If you apply sun cream earlier, you reduce its protective effect.

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