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Before invention of soap this originally Mediterranean herb served for washing the skin and it is popular in cosmetics to this day thanks to its characteristic fragrance. Lavender can cheer you up, it has an anti-stress effect, fights against insomnia, restlessness and cold. Thanks to its regenerating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties it is suitable for problematic and acneic skin.

In cosmetics lavender helps reduce sebum production, it adds and maintains needed moisture in the skin, has cleansing and calming effects, mattifies the skin and smoothes fine wrinkles. Inhalation of lavender essential oil by means of aromatic bath or shower boosts relaxation of the entire body, soothes headache and has anti-stress impact. Massage with products containing lavender essential oil relieves rheumatic pain and reduces muscle tension. Lavender is used also internally – the most frequently in the form of decoction having relaxing and calming effects, so it is suitable at the moments of restlessness, insomnia, stress, the feeling of tension, headache and others. It is also beneficial when having digestive problems or cold.

The best of lavender cosmetics:

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