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Grapevine is very rich in fruit acids and antioxidants. Thanks to its beneficial effects it is extensively used in the cosmetic industry. Our cosmetic products contain grape seed oil, scrub from grape seeds or white wine from South-Moravian Pfeffer family winery having their own vineyards in the well-known wine region of Rakvice and producing award winning wines of exceptional quality with love. The described ingredients provide the skin with regeneration, hydration, rejuvenation and improvement of skin elasticity.



What does wine contain and what makes the wine cosmetics so unique?

Antioxidants - natural polyphenols - stop formation of free radicals, which cause skin aging and loss of elasticity. They protect important skin lipids and proteins, leave the skin smooth, elastic and soft and help fight against cellulite. Fruit acids contained in grapes have regenerating, hydrating and rejuvenating qualities.

The best of our wine cosmetic range:

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