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Our story


We are MANUFAKTURA – cosmetics inspired by Czech tradition and Nature, full of MANUal work and stories. Our brand symbolizes for us FACTual righteousness, originality, cordial relationship and the pleasure of work. Development of our products resembles MANUfacture in its original meaning. We are a large imaginary workshop where unique products, the way of which we manage from the beginning till the end, come into existence in an exceptionally friendly atmosphere.



Are you interested in “the story beyond the bottle”?

It starts with an idea, which is usually noted in a sheet of paper during relaxation in the garden. The idea gradually comes alive in the laboratory where developers combine precious ingredients in glass beakers until they get perfect formulae.

For manufacture they use e.g. tender daisies hand collected by our employees, lavender harvested in the Pálava region, thermal salt from Carlsbad springs, true beer from the Benešov region or sparkling wine from South Moravia. In the meantime our owner, inspired by antique flacons, sketches bottles and our female artist in her picturesque timbered house draws plants which are then printed in the labels decorating the bottles.

Let´s move to the old sugar factory – our plant - situated at Prague periphery. Sugar has not been produced there anymore, it has been replaced by fragrant cosmetics. The bottle with cosmetics passes through a dozen of hands here - some of them weigh, measure and mix ingredients to fill it, other hands pass it through the filling line. At the end it is decorated with a tiny bow and caressed with hands and a look to check it before storing it in a paper box and handing it over to warehousemen upstairs.

Výroba kosmetiky Manufaktura v Praze.

They load it fresh together with other cosmetic specialities onto one of our trucks painted with daisies and drive it to the shop where the skilful hands of sales assistants arrange it on a shelf. The bottle looks great there, however, not for a long time. It will soon delight someone in a bathroom…


Development of every product is a big story full of emotions and all MANUFAKTURA employees write its individual chapters

- by means of their ideas, hands and, first and foremost, by means of their hearts…

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