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Collecting Loyalty Points and Conversion into Discount Vouchers

1) Sign up!

You must be signed up if you want to collect loyalty points and convert them into discount vouchers – then you will automatically become a member of Manufaktura Club. We need only some data for registration in order to communicate with you properly. You can simply sign up here and complete registration by confirming your email address in a message that we send to you electronically.

Did you sign up in our online store in the past? Then you automatically become a member of our Manufaktura Club (you were notified by email).

2) Get rewarded for your registration and obtain welcome loyalty points

After successfully completed registration all new members get 30 active initial points.

3) Discover your customer account and card

You enter your customer account by simple clicking Log In or the figure icon at the top right of our website.

In your account you find a card that you will submit when shopping in our brick-and-mortar shops. The card will collect loyalty points for your purchases (when shopping online the points will be automatically collected if you are logged in during shopping). You can simply download the card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay applications.

The customer account includes your current number of points, discount vouchers and other benefits, overview of your shopping history, your data and zone for quick communication and answering your questions.

4) Shop and collect points

We credit points for all purchases in our Manufaktura brick-and-mortar shops in the CR and in

CZK 25 = 1 loyalty point

For every paid CZK 25 you will get 1 point. The collected points cannot be used to cover costs of shipping or buying gift certificates. Validity of all your loyalty points will be extended for 1 year (365 days) with every purchase.

The current state of your points can be displayed in your customer account or a mobile wallet, where they are automatically updated.

For collecting points for online shopping in online store you must be logged in in your customer account. For collecting points for shopping in Manufaktura brick-and-mortar shops you need to submit your loyalty card before payment.

Reloading points is possible only if a club member sends a request to no later than 14 days after the date of purchase. The request must include a photo of the receipt and the email address that the customer uses to sign up to the loyalty program. The seller has 3 months from the date of dispatch to credit the points to the customer's account. The seller reserves the right not to credit points.


What are active points and points to be credited?

Active points = points for which you can get benefits.
Points to be credited = points for your recent purchases that wait for activation and that cannot be temporarily used.
The points will be automatically activated 14 days after shopping in a brick-and-mortar shop or after shipping ordered goods from our warehouse.
The maximum number of points you can collect is 450 (active points plus points to be credited). As soon as you reach the limit of 450, you need to convert the points into benefits (i.e. discount vouchers) and start collecting again.

5) Conversion of points into benefits – discount on your shopping

After reaching a certain number of active points you can convert them into attractive discounts on your further purchases.

100 points = discount of CZK 100 on purchase over CZK 199
200 points = discount of CZK 300 on purchase over CZK 599
300 points = discount of CZK 600 on purchase over CZK 1,199
400 points = discount of CZK 1, 000 on purchase over CZK 1,999


How to convert points into discount?

You can convert your points into discount in your customer account in the POINT CONVERTER folder. Choose a discount with a corresponding and sufficient number of active points and click CONVERT. Your discount in the form of an individual code will be sent to your email address afterwards. You can also find it in MY BENEFITS folder in your account, where it can be displayed anytime.

6) How to apply discount?

You can apply discount in any of our brick-and-mortar shops or in the online store. When shopping in a brick-and-mortar shop, show your discount voucher in a smart phone to a sales assistant, or our sales assistants can look it up in our system. When shopping online, enter the discount code to the relevant box (within 1st step of shopping) or take it from MY BENEFITS folder in your account and put it directly to your shopping basket. Discount can be applied if the condition of a minimum purchase value is met (i.e. if I want to apply CZK 100 off, the minimum value of my shopping basket must be CZK 199). Discount is valid for 3 months after generating it in your customer account.

7) What shall I do if I cannot manage to convert my points or apply discount?

Contact us at or call +420 230 234 392 … and we will fix it together as soon as possible.


8) What other benefits can you expect in our Club?

We will regularly (but not too often – we do not want to bother you) prepare various attractive offers, such as possibility of early and beneficial purchase of our news, bargain products, gifts for purchase … You can shop without printed receipts and thus participate a little bit on reduction of material necessary for printing. Sometimes we will involve you in our development surveys – where you can influence our new products and we can share information from “behind the scenes”, etc. All these events will be carried out at a frequency that we consider pleasant and unobtrusive. We are not going to overload you with special offers every week.

Our main goal is to be in touch with you even outside our brick-and-mortar shops and to reward you for being our loyal customers without whom Manufaktura would have no purpose of being…

Do not wait any more and enter the world where the joy of shopping brings more joy…

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