Thermal spring salt

The secret of beneficial effects of Carlsbad mineral springs, which have been sought-after for centuries, hides in the extracted thermal spring salt. Carlsbad thermal springs are unique for their composition and they rank among the most effective mineral waters worldwide. Globally, it is an exceptionally valuable natural phenomenon.


Long researches show exceptional healing effects of mineral water on the whole body. While the main application consists in drinking cures and bath preparations, it is used also in the cosmetic industry in the form of cleansing and regenerating products smoothing out the skin. Regular use of bath products containing thermal spring salt has very positive impact. Our body is stimulated at several levels during bath in thermal spring salt with herbs. Hot water, mineral substances and added aromatic oils penetrate through the skin to the body and inhalation releases inner and outer tension, fatigue and stress. It also stimulates metabolism and provides the body with perfect relaxation. Its effect on the skin is particularly beneficial. Thermal spring salt naturally helps remove impurities, boosts blood flow, refreshes and soften the skin.

Our tips for home spa:

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