Vegan friendly

Are Manufaktura cosmetics suitable for vegans?

By clicking the details of each Manufaktura cosmetic product in the online store you find information whether the particular product is suitable for vegans and how much % of natural substances it contains.

The original and prime quality formulae of our products exploit beneficial effects of traditional Czech natural ingredients – Czech beer and hops extract, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, wine and grape seed extract, apricot, plum and other fruits and herbs characteristic of our country. Some of them were used for cosmetic and medical purposes in the Middle Ages and they are tried and tested by our ancestors.

We have been using raw materials of vegetable origin in our cosmetic products since the very beginning and we strive to respect our surroundings. Manufaktura cosmetics are produced in Bohemia and we cooperate mainly with Czech suppliers in terms of accessories. We are the first Czech company to have received the internationally recognized certificate of Human Cosmetics Standard awarded to companies which do not test their products on animals and also guarantee not testing of raw materials on animals, and prohibit export of products to China, because product testing on animals is required for entry into the China market.

Sure, we do not use typical animal products in our cosmetics. Most of our cosmetic products are 100% vegan. However, in a very limited extent we use 2 animal ingredients, the extraction of which does no harm to their generators, thus animals. They are animal-derived ingredients - beeswax and lanolin (grease from sheep´s wool), which have been used in cosmetics for decades thanks to their great properties. Although these ingredients are extracted in a sound manner, they are not tolerated by vegans.

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