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Non-animal testing!

We are the first holder of the international Leaping Bunny certificate in the Czech Republic.



In Manufaktura we love not only high quality, traditions, handicraft and natural ingredients, but also animals!
As the 1st Czech brand, we obtained the only globally recognized Leaping Bunny certificate (formerly known as Human Cosmetics Standard - HCS) awarded by the Cruelty Free International organization in 2009.

This independent non-profit organization has been working hard and with full commitment for decades in a specialised team of experts on a global end to animal testing. It fights against unnecessary testing and actively encourages the use of modern alternative methods, educates, carries out scientific and legal expertise, actively participates in legislative changes, inspires the whole world for a better future for animals. We are proud to be a part of it.


What does the Leaping Bunny certificate bind us to?

♥ Not to test products or individual cosmetic ingredients on animals and not to outsource testing to other entities anywhere in the world (cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients in the EU cannot be tested from 2013)

♥ To monitor the supply chain of all raw materials used in the production of cosmetics

♥ To allow independent audits

To comply with all non-animal testing provisions, including the Leaping Bunny criteria

♥ To contribute regularly a share of the turnover to the activities of Cruelty Free International

Why does some MANUFAKTURA packaging have another bunny logo than the official LEAPING BUNNY one?

On the basis of our internal decision in 2023, we decided to use only texts, logos, symbols and pictograms that are in our sole ownership and over which we have 100% control on packaging design of our products.
The reason is elimination of any possible risks related to potential need to withdraw products from the market or dispose of/relabel the packaging (our decision was prompted by negative experience with sudden changes in legislation that affected labelling of packaging in the past).
This decision does not, of course, change our approach to animal testing. We are still proud members of the “LEAPING BUNNY” family and happy that the amount of money we pay for the use of the certificate serves for ending animal testing worldwide.

Our brand (and therefore ALL OUR PRODUCTS) are of course CRUELTY FREE - you can see for yourself in the official list of brands at https://crueltyfreeinternational.org/leapingbunny.

This database is the only 100% certainty that the brand is a true holder of the certificate.


With love for nature and animals,

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