We live in a busy time full of stress, tension and rush, so that is why we deserve pampering and spoiling ourselves and true care. Relaxation rituals turn any bathroom into small home spa and help us break out of daily problems, gain physical and mental relief and relax at least for a while.

Get inspired with recipes for spa rituals and create a unique relaxing atmosphere right at your home.

Choose your favourite fragrance and immerse yourself into bath

Since time immemorial bath has been a great means of not only washing but also perfectly relaxing body and mind. Warming bath with herbal saltcreamy bath ball or oil bath promotes blood circulation. It supplies vital minerals, relieves muscle tension and chases away fatigue and stress.

We develop and produce cosmetics for home in the Czech Republic using renewable natural raw materials with preference of local ingredients – in our formulae you find genuine Czech beer, Moravian wine, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, manually harvested daisies, lavender from Pálava and other medicinal herbs and fruit typical of Czech gardens, orchards and meadows.

Their wonderful scents can recover nostalgic memories, evoke pleasant emotions, caress your soul and intensify relaxation rituals.


Ideal after a busy day full of stress, rush and tension. Aromatherapy effects of lavender essential oil provide perfect relaxation, wash away stress and tension, harmonize and induce peaceful sleep.


Treat your skin to a regular caring ritual with high-quality makeup removal, softening scrub, cleansing face pack and rejuvenating massage with face oil. You will be rewarded with beautiful, clean and radiant skin.


Ideal restart after a party, long night or busy day with anti-pollution & detoxifying extract from wild flowers and with amazing fragrance. Wash away fatigue, treat your hair to perfect washing and energy, detoxify, hydrate and rejuvenate tired skin and enjoy herbal purifying tea that supports cleansing of your body.


Fragrant relaxation ritual with fantastic lemon balm fragrance, which perfectly softens and scents the skin and induces sweet sleep. Treat yourself to shower or bath with softening scrub, moisten your skin with fragrant body lotion and then relax with a cup of delicious tea full of herbs for good night.

We interviewed our creative manager, Bára Čechová: Why home spa?

The concept of home spa is response to today´s busy time full of stress and tension, which we all face. We keep hurrying, chasing after something, running out of time, worrying of something.

The topic of my bachelor thesis, where I compared traditional and contemporary spa methods, gave me the idea of the home spa concept many years ago during my studies.

One of the outputs of my thesis was a finding that today´s busy time carries a weird phenomenon, which is evident in most spas all over the world – i. e. people are no more willing to spend time on a classic three-week spa treatment and they prefer short attractive programmes intended for relaxation, regeneration, weight loss, coping with stress, and others.

Přístupu v duchu HAPPY SKIN konceptu však u nás v MANUFAKTUŘE najdete vlastně ve všech kosmetických výrobcích

People tend to forget themselves as well as what really matters in life: relaxation and associated health.

Spa in Your Own Bathroom

That is why we decided to teach our customers how to relax by offering them cosmetics and accessories for creation of unique domestic bliss and complementing it with original recipes for private home spa.

Wellness is Trendy

In the contemporary world of cosmetics care of body and mind is considered one of the biggest trends. We are happy that we intuited it many years ago and that we have been providing our customers with possibilities of how to escape from today´s fast-paced world to the realm of herbs, fragrance and relaxation at least for a while.
Discover the magic of home spa, which includes exceptional moment of peace and relaxation, caring, embellishing and fragrant rituals and regeneration of body and mind.

Close the door of the bathroom behind you and do not let anybody or anything disturb you. Relaxation is what you deserve in this busy time!

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