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Home Spa


In today’s fast-paced world full of stress, tension and rush we deserve spoiling, pampering and true care. A pleasant relaxation ritual will turn any bathroom into small home spa and help us take our mind off everyday problems, achieve physical and mental relief and simply have a rest for a while.

We are offering you true cosmetics full of nature, practical accessories and original formulas for home spa, rituals for beauty and relaxation. It depends only on you whether you choose Anti-Stress Ritual with Lavender Fragrance, Sweet Balm Ritual for Sweet Sleep, Refreshing Mint Ritual for Tired Legs, Rose Romantic Ritual. Or, just succumb to any other of our great tips. Get inspired, create a unique relaxing atmosphere right in your home, leave behind your daily care of life for a while and enjoy your sweet moment of doing nothing.

How to best enjoy home spa? Take some time and reserve your bathroom only for yourself – make sure that you will not be disturbed and check out a “Please, do not disturb” door hanger. Light a scented candle, play your favourite music, turn off light and your thoughts and enter the world of relaxation. Make your ritual more pleasant with your favourite drink, e.g. detoxifying tea, or a glass of wine is permitted too. 🙂

Since time immemorial bath has been a great means not only of cleansing and perfect body relaxation, but also spirit relaxation. Warming bath with herbal salt or bath oil stimulates blood flow, supplies the skin with important minerals, relieves muscle tension and chases away fatigue and stress. Choose the best fragrance for you and immerse yourself…

We develop and manufacture our home spa cosmetics in Bohemia using renewable natural ingredients, which are preferably local. Our formulae include true Czech beer, Moravian wine, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, hand-picked daisies, lavender from Pálava and other medicinal herbs and fruit typical of Czech gardens, orchards and meadows. Their wonderful fragrances can recover nostalgic memories, arouse pleasant emotions, caress our soul and boost relaxation rituals.

Popular rituals for Home Spa

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