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The new limited edition Apple & Almonds is here

We are presenting you a harmonious whole of fragrances and effects – a new limited Apple & Almond edition, which will become your nice warming companion during autumn and winter months. The new range, which is on sale from September 4, includes Emollient Shower & Bath Gel, Protective Hand Cream, Family Protective Face Balm, Relaxation Bath Salt and Scented Candle.

The apple is typical of our gardens and orchards and we tend to look through its value due to apparent ordinariness and abundance. The fruit embellishing Czech countryside from spring to autumn is a symbol of love, beauty, as well as kingship. Apple is part and parcel of our culture, it is associated with Christmas habits, it is an ornament pattern, a theme of songs and thanks to its taste it is an ingredient of delicious desserts, meals and drinks. The almond represents an exceptional natural product for good health and beauty known from time immemorial and worshipped as a symbol of longevity and good luck in many places. The history of almond cultivation in our country dates back to 17th century. More than 50 thousand almond trees were in our country in 1960s and even today wonderful, although rare, almond orchards exist here.

What are the benefits of these two natural treasures in cosmetics?

Apple extract, rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, has excellent hydrating and emollient effects, it softens the skin, rejuvenates it and supports its natural firmness and elasticity. Delicate almond oil, rich particularly in vitamin E (= vitamin of beauty) brings intensive regeneration, hydration, nourishment and calming. What does the new limited edition smell like? You will fall in love with sweetness and juiciness of apple complemented with velvety, warming and lightly marzipan tones of almond at first smell.

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