1. Are Manufaktura products really natural, what do they contain?

Cosmetics is produced from material on the basis of vegetable oils (palm, coconut, olive oil)- without using petroleum products … Common consumable soap is produced on the basis of animal fats nowadays… Our products are enriched with dried parts and herbal extracts, thermal salt, peat, kaolin, precious oils (shea butter, grape oil, bee wax, jojoba, almond, mango and cocoa butter…), corn extracts and vitamines. Due to the content of natural material we must preserve our products – to ensure longlasting quality and stability. We make an effort to select the least harmful preservatives which comply with the strictest world norms and we use them in the least possible measure.

2. Why is preservation of cosmetics necessary?

Use of preservatives in cosmetic industry serves for protection of consumers´ health. Cosmetics is preserved to prevent microorganisms from growing since water and some natural material contained in cosmetic products present culture medium for them. Health hazard resulting from unstabilized products is higher than potential negative response to quality preservatives.

3. What are Manufaktura products exceptional for?

They use original natural ingredients- beer, wine, Carlsbad thermal salt, herbs, Dead Sea minerals…
You can turn your bathroom into small home spa with our cosmetics – just select from our wide offer of relaxing bath salts, nutritious oil baths, refreshing shower gels and peelings, massage and herbal soaps, emollient body butters, caring creams, candles, bath accessories and other great products…
Original design – makes cosmetics a beautiful gift
Not tested on animals – we are the first Czech company to have received the only internationally recognized certificate of HCS- Human Cosmetics Standard – of not testing on animals
Tradition since 1991
Quality in first place – thorough selection of raw material, cosmetics is dermatologically tested, spa and cosmetic specialists collaborate on formulae, our perfumes come from leading world perfume companies, we use no animal fats

4. Are products tested on animals?

Certainly not.
We are the first in the Czech republic to have received the only internationally recognized certificate of not testing on animals – HCS (Human Cosmetics Standard) – brands like L´Occitane,The Body Shop, Marks and Spencer, … use this certificate as well.

5. How is cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients tested if not on animals…?

Alternative ways exist, following count among the most frequented ones:

1) IN VITRO method – by means of cell and tissue culture grown in laboratories.
Cell culture are plant and animal cells (including human ones) grown in laboratories. The cells can be kept alive for very long time, they grow in special bowls containing nutrient substance. Human cells are painlessly received from volunteers and patients undergoing operations.
2) EYTEX screen test used for predicting the ocular irritation.
The protein extracted from beans, which this method is based on, reacts identically as the protein contained in human eyes.

3) HUMAN PLACENTA, which is ordinarily disposed of after the childbirth, presents
quality testing material. It is highly responsive to tested chemical substances.

4) MICROORGANISMS – i.e. bacteria and yeasts. Methods based on application of
bacteria and yeasts can identify phototoxicity (i.e. reaction of skin to a particular substance in the presence of UVA light) and carcinogenity of various substances.

5) COMPUTER AND MATHEMATICAL MODELS – based on the fact that
properties of chemical substances can be derived from their structure.
Computers take advantage of extensive memory potential and the possibility to accumulate and compare enormous volume of information. They prevent repetition of animal testing that has already been done.

6) DERMATOLOGICAL TESTING – finished products are clinically tested on human
volunteers (mainly in the State Medical Institute in Prague). Specific procedure and criteria are observed during examination of skin reaction to tested products.

Partial testing of brand new products takes place also in our company of Manufaktura, directly on employees, their families and friends… We trust our products, we know what they are made of, so we are not afraid, vice versa we look forward to testing…

6. Are products tested, are they healthful?

At selection of particular material used for production, stress is put on complying with strict European and American norms. All products are thoroughly tested in an internationally certificated laboratory, official protocols evaluating their healthfulness for man, are available. No product is tested on animals.

7. Which products are suitable for allergic persons, which are non-allergic?

There are many kind of allergies and allergens, and allergic reactions are very individual. Paradoxically, the biggest allergens are natural components in cosmetics – herbs, etc. Consultation with a doctor is the best solution in any case. The range of Dead Sea cosmetics is the most suitable for people with sensitive skin and skin problems –it does not contain any dye, is scented with non-allergic perfume and contains precious minerals from the Dead Sea.

8. What is used in peeling?

Ground almond nutshells, natural sugar and salt are often used as peeling. Dried parts of herbs contained in soap – lavender,sweet balm, rose… – have delicate effect as well.

9. What dyes are used in cosmetic production?

Some ranges are dye free – Dead Sea, Face Care and Cosmetics for children. For dying beer cosmetics natural peat extract and the beer itself are used besides other dyes. Face and body cosmetic products are usually dye free, they have their natural colour. Part of our assortment is dyed with safe synthetic dyes certified for use in cosmetics in Europe, the USA and Japan, the norms of which are the strictest. Natural dyes are not so much used in cosmetics, they lack stability, quickly turn pale and their colours fade out.

10. What is the difference between Carlsbad salt and Dead Sea salt?

Carlsbad salt is got from Carlsbad mineral springs that belong among the most efficient mineral waters in the world. Dead Sea salt is extracted from the Dead Sea in Jordan. Both salts have different chemical composition – various minerals in various concentration are present. Generally, bath in salt and hot water supports relaxation, stimulates metabolism, softens skin, promotes blood circulation in the whole organism and assists in calming the nerve system. Dead Sea salt is, moreover, suitable for customers suffering from skin diseases – eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.

11. Does beer cosmetics really contain beer?

Yes, beer cosmetics = beer shampoo, beer bath and beer shower gel really contain beer, even in a considerable percentage. Beer soap and beer mask, where beer could not be added, contain, for a change, brewer´s yeast.

12. Does wine cosmetics with its anti-cellulite effect work?

Anti-cellulite complex used in wine cosmetics (i.e. shower peeling, massage oil and body butter) comes from myrtle resin and mint root. Both the plants are used for treatment of obesity and other problems relating to accumulation of body fat. Active substances contained in this anti-cellulite plant complex stimulate fat transformation and have slimming and firming effect. Effectiveness of this complex was proved in laboratories.

13. How long after opening is it safe to use creams and masks?

A symbol of open container and a number of months is on the back label of all our products. The number shows how long the particular product can be used after opening.

14. Are creams suitable even for problematic skin?

It depends on a concrete problem the skin has. These creams are not much recommended for skin suffering from acne – it contains a high proportion of shea butter and grape oil, thus they are greasy and suitable for normal and dry skin. Creams should be convenient for people with sensitive skin.

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