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Effective Skin Cleansing and Exfoliation

Who would not want to have flawless looking skin? However, keeping the skin in top condition is often challenging. So, let´s focus on the best products for skin cleansing. We promise that you will enjoy the way to beautiful-looking skin. Regular and effective skin cleansing is an absolute base of the skin care. This important … Číst více

How to Get Rid of Acne

What is definitely effective against acne, what causes acne and what types of acne exist? The specialist of our Manufaktura cosmetic development department will answer these questions and share her years of experience, advice and tips on how to take care of problematic skin.   Problematic skin, acne and pimples can be very stressful. Acne … Číst více

Spring Skin Detox

Try detox tips that will help you kick-start natural renovation and cleansing of the skin and find out what really works for acne. Everything begins to wake up and bloom with the arrival of spring. Let your skin, which tends to be tired, greyish and without energy after winter, bloom too. Now it is an … Číst více

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Do you often worry about wrinkles? Time is relentless and the signs of aging in the face, on the neck or décolletage will develop in each of us sooner or later. How to get rid of wrinkles in a natural way? And what really works on wrinkles? Here are some tips that should not be … Číst více

Skin Booster: the winner of rejuvenation

Finding a really efficient anti-wrinkle serum full of active substances, which is also affordable and as natural as possible, is almost impossible in the world of cosmetics. Discover the secret of eternal youth – our unique skin booster! Exceptional rejuvenating skin care with a high content of active substances has already convinced thousands of you. … Číst více

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