Discover the new limited edition of FOREST FRUIT

Original Gifs Out of Love

Valentine´s Day, a day of all those in love, is approaching and bringing a great opportunity to express how much your loved ones mean to you. Delight them with original gifts containing tender care, irresistible beauty, sweet lounging as well as romantic moments in a couple…

Gifts at the Last Minute

Have you been putting off Christmas shopping and are you running scared? Do not worry! We have a great solution for you – an electronic gift voucher. Its biggest advantage is speed. You will get it within a few minutes after placing an order. Our gift voucher is a ticket to the world of beauty … Číst více

Delivery by Christmas?

Are you planning to order your gifts in our online store and are you worried whether your shipment arrives on time? We guarantee delivery on time of all orders placed and paid by midnight December 17, 2020. The payment must be put on our account on December 17, 2020. Are you in rush? No problem. … Číst více

Christmas with Czech Tradition

Christmas is magical time. Our memories reawaken and we nostalgically go back into the past. Step back in time with us… Bring the atmosphere of good old days to your homes and support the spirit of this year´s Christmas through products holding hours and hours of handiwork and skills of master craftsmen. Let Czechness and … Číst více

Why are the gifts from Manufaktura the right choice?

Choosing a great gift is not easy. We all know it… No wonder we often spin in a vicious circle when looking for the best of the best. Stop groping… You can figure out most of your Christmas gifts in a few minutes and in one place. See for yourself… Pleasure Guaranteed The task is … Číst více


or Christmas Gifts Full of Nature in Time and at a Bargain Price Choosing a great Christmas gift is not easy. We all know it…  No wonder we often spin in a vicious circle when looking for the best of the best. Stop groping and get this year´s Christmas presents in time and at a … Číst více

How does dream job look like?

“Manufaktura is a matter of my heart, my dream job…” says Bára Čechová, Creative Director. We asked Bára about her way of life with Manufaktura, about what her job involves and how great cosmetics develop. How did your career in Manufaktura start? I started in Manufaktura during my studies of tourism at the position of … Číst více

Who is behind Manufaktura?

  Many people keep asking us whether Manufaktura is a truly Czech company. The name of our sole owner is Němeček – he is a Czech who based his successful business on love and respect for Czech tradition. He graduated from architecture and made his living on it shortly after finishing the studies after the … Číst více

New Gentle and More Fragrant Hand Sanitizers

Effective helpers for clean hands anytime and anywhere have got their permanent place in our handbags, cars and households. Simply, we constantly keep them with us ready to fight fearlessly against all unpleasant bugbears in the form of viruses and bacteria. Apparently, we are not going to put hand sanitizers away in the foreseeable future… … Číst více

The new limited edition Apple & Almonds is here

We are presenting you a harmonious whole of fragrances and effects – a new limited Apple & Almond edition, which will become your nice warming companion during autumn and winter months. The new range, which is on sale from September 4, includes Emollient Shower & Bath Gel, Protective Hand Cream, Family Protective Face Balm, Relaxation … Číst více

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