International Women's Day: 20% off on the fizzy bath balls

Pleťová kosmetika MEN SENSITIVE pro muže s citlivou pokožkou Manufaktura

NEWS for sensitive men: MEN & SENSITIVE cosmetics

We are happy to present another exceptional cosmetic range of MEN & SENSITIVE! Extra mild MEN & SENSITIVE cosmetics are focused on men with sensitive skin. The new men´s products have unique extra mild composition without SLES, colourants, parabens and petroleum oils. Perfect allergen-free fragrance of the MEN & SENSITIVE collection will please (not only) … Číst více

Buďte originální a darujte vinnou kosmetiku

2 Steps for Voluminous and Shiny Hair

As the saying goes hair is a crown of beauty. In hopes of having a perfect hairstyle we expose our hair to many beauty procedures, such as frequent blow drying, curling, straightening or dying … The result is damaged, lank and dull hair with a significant loss of natural pH. High-quality cosmetics protecting hair and … Číst více

Daily task: Do not forget your decolletage

Beautiful decolletage is what women take (or do not take) pride in. The signs of aging are more visible in this area than in the face itself. It depends on how much we take care of it. During our morning and evening skin care routine we should not forget that decolletage and neck are practically … Číst více

Star Beer Shampoo

You must have heard of it… Our best-seller! Iconic hair shampoo containing golden beverage was launched in 2007. More than a million of buyers have tested it so far and it has gained a wide range of regular satisfied customers.

Wine Cosmetic in New Design

Now, with approaching spring, we are presenting the popular wine cosmetics in a new design! The wine range is one of the most popular cosmetic collections, which we launched in 2008. What secrets does it include? How are new products better than the original ones and what companions can you expect? From Vineyard to the … Číst více

Hot REJUVEATING new products from the Rose collection are here…

We have great news for you! We are launching two new products for rejuvenating face care from the Rose range in February. Rose has been a symbol of love, passion and femininity since time immemorial. It is called the queen of flowers and its magical effects were known also to Cleopatra, Egyptian queen. As the … Číst více

Shopping Experience

Do you already have plans for weekends? How about a trip to Christmas Prague with magical festive atmosphere filled with the scent of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts? The destination of your tour to Old Prague may be our largest shop in Melantrichova street, where you can experience true atmosphere of traditional Czech Christmas. Do … Číst více

Winter is approaching! How to defend your hands?

Our hands are particularly in autumn and winter constantly put to various tests such as alternating temperatures, frequent contact with water and touch with various surfaces and materials. That is why they deserve the best care and protection that will come back to you in the form of velvety soft hands without abrasion, dry or … Číst více

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