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Efektivní čištění a peeling pleti – Manufaktura

Effective Skin Cleansing and Exfoliation

Who would not want to have flawless looking skin? However, keeping the skin in top condition is often challenging. So, let´s focus on the best products for skin cleansing. We promise that you will enjoy the way to beautiful-looking skin. Regular and effective skin cleansing is an absolute base of the skin care. This important … Číst více

Nezapomínejte na kondicionér po každém mytí vlasů

Care for Dry, Damaged and Dyed Hair

Very dry and damaged hair without shine and elasticity troubles many women. We bring you some tips and tricks on how to take care of dry hair without shine, how to treat dry and dyed hair, which also requires special treatment. Do you wonder how to recognize dry and damaged hair? Difficult detangling is typical … Číst více

Domácí limonády ze sirupů Manufaktura

Recipes for Summer Drinks Prepared from BIO Lemonade

Do you love refreshing homemade lemonades? We have simple recipes for preparation of delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic summer cocktails from authentic fruit BIO syrups, which everyone will fall in love with – at home, garden parties or barbecue. Summer is time of garden parties and barbecue with friends and family. Besides good food garden parties include … Číst více

How to Get Rid of Acne

What is definitely effective against acne, what causes acne and what types of acne exist? The specialist of our Manufaktura cosmetic development department will answer these questions and share her years of experience, advice and tips on how to take care of problematic skin.   Problematic skin, acne and pimples can be very stressful. Acne … Číst více

Jak se zbavit celulitidy a strií – Manufaktura

How to Get Rid of Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Cellulite and stretch marks are influenced mainly by genetics, hormones and lifestyle. However, we can influence the signs of orange peel skin and stretch marks to a certain extent – by special massage, emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and regular application of serums and cellulite creams stimulating blood circulation and firming and smoothing the skin. … Číst více

Business Superbrands 2023 Award

Within a month after taking 2nd place in the 100-best-customer-experience award by the KPMG we would like to share our joy of another award – Business Superbrands Czech Republic 2023! The Superbrands organization was founded in Great Britain and for 10 years it has been a recognized independent authority in the field of evaluation and … Číst více

Nákup v prodejně Manufaktura

2nd place in the 100 Best Customer Experience Award

We are very happy that we can share another beautiful rating after the Cosmetic Star 2022 Award. This time we took 2nd place in the 100 Best Customer Experience Award! We received this prestigious award from KPMG consulting company on the basis of evaluation from 50,000 respondents – they assessed trust between the customer and … Číst více

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