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What does “anti-pollution” mean?

We launched a brand new MEADOW cosmetic range in March. This exceptional collection ideal for life in the city reacts to a current worldwide trend in the cosmetic industry – anti-pollution. What does it mean? We interviewed Ing. Eva Hořčíková, our developer.

We spend majority of our life in cities, which offer us a huge variety of options and choices, but also drawbacks. How does it affect our beauty?
Polluted environment is a big enemy (not only) of our skin. We are surrounded by smog, carbon dioxide, industrial residues, UV and infrared radiation, tobacco smoke and blue light from computers and mobile phones. Unfortunately, all these adverse external factors significantly contribute to aging and weakening of the skin, they disrupt the skin barrier and can even cause skin disorders, such as acne, atopic and contact dermatitis, and others.

Can we effectively protect our skin?
The current cosmetic trends include anti-pollution products containing unique ingredients providing us with special care, which should be comprehensive. Our face and body skin should be thoroughly cleansed and detoxified, its lost balance should be restored and the skin must be supplied with a protective shield.

Which products does this range include?
The trio of extra soft shampoo, shower gel and hydrating micellar water guarantees perfect cleansing. Hydrating and rejuvenating face fluid and lifting regenerative face serum restore lost skin balance. Face mist, lip serum and hand cream provide effective protection. Refreshing and floral eau de toilette for joy is icing on the cake.

What effects do the products from the MEADOW range promise?
Thanks to special formulae with exceptional and effective ingredients the products from the MEADOW range prevent pre-mature skin aging, formation of wrinkles and dark spots, clogged pores, loss of elasticity, dehydration, irritation, formation of dandruff, or hair loss caused by polluted environment.

The MEADOW collection exploits a unique natural anti-pollution complex. What does it contain and how does it improve skin condition?
The anti-pollution complex contains extracts from Czech and Slovak meadow herbs (from daisy, milk thistle, agrimony and dandelion), next from apple, peach, barley and wheat, which support detoxification, needed balance and protection. Anti-pollution ingredients are also anti-aging substances that rejuvenate our skin.

Moreover, selected products boast precious Ectoin. Can you introduce this substance?
Ectoin is a very effective and expensive natural ingredient extracted from a unique bacterium of halomonas elongate, which can survive in extreme conditions of salt lakes at high temperature, under strong UV radiation as well as in a high content of salt. Bacteria produce Ectoin protecting them from the stress of external environment. We exploit this active substance for our anti-pollution collection because it effectively protects our skin from damage by oxidative stress resulting from smog, tobacco smoke, UV radiation, large temperature variations, dehydration, blue light from computers and mobile phones, and others. Ectoin significantly supports skin protection and regeneration, thus slows down its aging. It softens wrinkles and reduces their formation, brightens and lightens the skin and unifies its colour. Moreover, it prevents formation of pigment spots and environmental damaging of the skin.

Are the products perfumed?
The products from the MEADOW collection are accompanied with tender fragrance with green tones of meadow herbs, which is very positively evaluated. Our customers may smell light “pharmaceutical” odour in some face products, which is caused by natural fragrance of herbal extracts, exceptionally gentle preservation intended for natural cosmetics as well as very low concentration of perfume. We chose it in order to ensure maximum gentleness. The “pharmaceutical” odour fades away in a few seconds and the skin remains scented with light floral fragrance of MEADOW…

Besides its effects the MEADOW collection is specific also for wonderful botanic design. Is it true that your sister designed the labels?
Yes, that is true. Manufaktura was seeking a new designer for botanical motifs of new packaging. When my colleagues from the marketing department found out that my sister Diana Delevová was a graphic designer and artist and when they could see her works, they offered her collaboration. I am very excited about it. The design, which our local graphic designer subsequently processed, is really exceptionally successful.

Find balance between hectic life in the city and cleanliness of nature and take care of the future of your face and body skin and hair now. Have a smell and tune in to beauty all around you - no matter where you are.

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