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Manufaktura Club is on! Join us too!

We are so happy! There are 33,000 members in our new loyalty Manufaktura Club!

Thanks to our new loyalty programme thousands of you have got e.g. exclusive 20% off on purchase of a new limited edition with ROSEHIP, or prior information on news. Join us, collect loyalty points and be surprised by a nice gift as reward for signing up - …….. are still waiting for you!


Since 1991 Manufaktura has been true to traditions, nature, emphasis on local origin and exceptional relationships with customers and employees. Not only for this reason we established “Manufaktura Club” – loyalty programme within which we can reward our customers for their loyalty. Join us and we will make you happy too...

Collect points for shopping

in Manufaktura brick-and-mortar shops and in the online store

CZK 25 = 1 point

We will credit points to your account for every purchase in our brick-and-mortar shops or in the online store. You can simply “exchange” these points for discount vouchers for your further shopping. For more information click here.

Convert your loyalty points into discount vouchers

100 points = CZK 100

200 points = CZK 300

300 points = CZK 600

400 points = CZK 1000

You will convert your loyalty points into discount via your customer account. We will send you discount to your email in the form of an individual code. You can apply it in any of our brick-and-mortar shops or in the online store after reaching a minimum purchase value.

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Your further benefits*

Gifts for Shopping|Special Offers|Discount on News|Exclusive Information|VIP Opening Hours|Electronic Receipt

*For reaching these benefits you need to subscribe to newsletter in your account

Welcome Gift for Signing Up

If you become a member of our Manufaktura Club, you will get 30 active initial loyalty points.

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Fill out a registration form and join us right now! You can sign up in any of our brick-and-mortar shops too but registration must be completed online. Do not miss any benefit… Your loyalty card, welcome loyalty points and a gift for shopping are waiting for you. Sign up here.


You will get points (CZK 25 = 1 point) for every purchase in our Manufaktura brick-and-mortar shops in the CR and in online store. You can convert these points into discount in your online customer account and your further shopping will be more pleasant. Discount vouchers will be sent to your email address. For more information click here.


Your world of benefits, joy and comfortable shopping - online customer account with pre-filled data thanks to which you will have a perfect picture of your shopping history, collected points, discounts, special offers and benefits. Log in here.

Do not wait any more and enter the world where the joy of shopping brings more joy…

Information about the processing and the protection of your personal data can be found on the Privacy policy page.