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We are Switching to 50% Recycling Packaging

Respect for the environment is a natural part of our business activity since the very beginning of our establishment in 1991. We are very active in the area of sustainability and we give serious attention to the issue of packaging. In general, we save it by using packages from paper, PET, glass and other easily recyclable material. We cooperate mainly with Czech suppliers and package producers, so the packages do not travel halfway round the world and they do not ecologically burden our planet. Our containers are made in southwest Bohemia, boxes come not far from Prague and Opava, tubes are manufactured in southern Moravia, paper bags in Vysočina… We keep up with the latest trends in the area of ecology of package material and we switch to more ecological solutions.

All our containers are made from PET, which is plastic of prime quality, i.e. it can be repeatedly recycled. We have been using a significant proportion of recyclable plastic since 2018 and we gradually increase its proportion. Our white containers include 25% of recyclate, transparent ones even 50% of it. Thanks to that we are able to save approximately 10 tons of new plastic per year and we are very happy for that! 🙂


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Tereza Růžičková, sustainability manager, says: “I am glad that we manage to present more and more sustainable activities. We are working on implementing further ECO procedures to our production and sale, we provide regular trainings in the field of ecology and transmit acquired knowledge and facts to our employees and customers.” We recommend watching our fun animated video.


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