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The New Limited Edition of BLACKTHORN is Here!

Nová limitovaná edice Manufaktura Trnka

Tuhé mýdlo z limitované edice Manufaktura

We are very happy that we can finally present you our new limited edition! How about juicy ripe blackthorn berries this year? We launch our limited editions every year when autumn arrives. They are inspired by nature and local fruit, which is simply part of Czech autumn, and the blackthorn is no exception. The edition includes 7 products of Czech cosmetics and accessories, which will delight you both in the online store and in Manufaktura shop networks from September 1, 2022.

What products does the BLACKTHORN include?

Why just the BLACKTHORN?

The blackthorn is referred to as a “pick-me-up” and magical effects were often attributed to it. It has appeared in herbariums since the Middle Ages and old herbalists used these small stone fruits as a popular natural remedy in the treatment of inflammation, digestive problems, to stop bleeding, reduce exhaustion, and also for badly healing wounds or inflamed skin.

Hydration & Protection

The carefully fine-tuned and highly natural formulae of the cosmetic products contain blackthorn extract, which is rich in vitamins C, A and E, tannins, pectin, organic acids and minerals and has antioxidant, strengthening and softening effects. Most products from this collection contain plum kernel oil pressed in a small Moravian oil mill. This is a valuable source of oleic and linoleic acid, vitamins B and E and beta-carotene. It has excellent moisturizing properties, supports nourishment and softening of dry and sensitive skin.

Nová limitovaná edice Manufaktura Trnka

How does it smell?

In a word, amazing! You will be enchanted by its warming fragrance with the notes of juicy fruit and almond marzipan! We are looking forward to welcoming you in our shops to have a smell…

The idea of the BLACKTHORN came from the production department

Many ideas for new cosmetic ranges and limited collections come up when walking in our beautiful countryside, when gardening, recalling childhood memories or grandmothers´ stories. This time the tip for the blackthorn collection came from our developer Eva Feldeková, who comes from Southern Moravia.

“What I like about the blackthorn is its versatile use. You can use it in the kitchen – for making compote, jam, liqueur or wine. At the same time, the blackthorn is medicine (fresh blackthorn berries can be consumed only in a small amount) – for detoxification, treating diarrhea, stomach ache and urinary track diseases. Tea from fresh flowers purifies the blood after a harsh winter time. Dried blackthorn seeds are filled in heating pads and consequently applied to the abdomen when suffering e. g. from flatulence. However, for us in Manufaktura, the most valuable are its great effects on the skin. Last but not least I am captivated by its beauty – both during blossom period and also later when its small round fruits turn bluish purple”, says Eva Feldeková, Manufaktura brand developer.

Blackthorn extract originates in the Czech Republic

In our cosmetic products we use extract from the whole dried fruit including the stone. It is manufactured by EXAR – a traditional Czech producer of extracts and essential oils from medicinal, aromatic and spice plants, which has been acting in this field for several decades.

The limited edition in the “trendy” colour

After several years of using red colour in our limited editions, this year we are launching a blue-violet collection. The colour called “VERI PERI” is a colour of the year, which is regularly announced by the world-renowned Pantone Color Institute. On the one hand our collection is inspired by traditions, history and local nature, on the other hand it has a trendy colour.

Pečující a hydratační sprchový gel s mandlovým olejem a výtažkem z trnky okouzlí celou rodinu.

Výjimečná péče o ruce v limitované kolekci! Výživný a regenerační krém na ruce s posilujícími výtažky z trnek a švestek.

Objevte náš kvalitní zimní krém na obličej se švestkovým olejem, extraktem z trnky a kyselinou hyaluronovou.

Nostalgic memory of the PLUM

Many customers will be certainly pleased by the fact that the Blackthorn collection is a nostalgic reminder of the renowned Plum collection, which was launched as a limited edition many years ago and is still remembered for its unique scent. The fragrance of the Blackthorn is inspired by this warming scent.

Have a smell and fall in love …The Blackthorn will perfectly scent both your skin and the entire bathroom and will make everyday care and relaxation as pleasant as possible.

Our tip!

Do you know that our range includes also beautiful gift packages, which are brought to the last detail? Discover miscellaneous and original gift packages from the new limited edition of the BLACKTHORN, which you cannot go wrong with. The TRIO gift set of hand creams includes BLACKTHORN hand cream, MEADOW hand cream and WINE COSMETICS hand cream. They are all in practical handbag-size packaging, which makes the hand cream gift set a great tip for a Christmas gift for mum, friend or sister.

Dopřejte rtům něžný polibek na rty z trnkového sadu… Balzám na rty, pomáda na rty, jelení lůj…

Přírodní svíčka Trnka je vyrobena v Čechách ze 100% sójového vosku.

Poctivý přírodní sirup s trnkou a švestkou vykouzlí originální studené i teplé nápoje pro chvíle domácí pohody.

One interesting point at the end

Do you know that the limited editions have been part of Manufaktura since 2010? That year we launched our first-ever limited edition of Mojito. Do you remember it?

Limitovaná edice Mojito byla první limitovanou edicí v Manufaktuře

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