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Star of the Month: Serum Preventing Hair Loss

Aktivační sérum proti vypadávání vlasů Manufaktura

Hair loss is an unpleasant matter affecting both women and men. It may have many causes, however, it is important to keep a cool head and remember that it is part of everyday life to some extent. And if there is a period in your life when hair tends to fall out more intensively, and you get the impression that it is excessive hair loss, there is still no reason to panic...


An effective serum preventing hair loss, which has already helped thousands of customers, can save your crown of beauty = Manufaktura Activating Serum Preventing Hair Loss. Thanks to regular application, you can enjoy new hair growth within only 3 months!

Manufaktura hair serum reviews from satisfied customers speak for themselves:

“I bought this serum along with beer shampoo as a last-ditch rescue to save my hair which started to fall out incredibly. No more pills, food supplements, caffeine-based shampoos from the pharmacy, or others helped me anymore. But I noticed a significant improvement after only 2 weeks of using the serum. I use it really daily and the result is great. My hair has stopped falling out and I wonder if new ones will grow. I have been using it for one month.”

(Windy, September 20, 2022)

“Great stuff out of everything I have tried, I´ve seen a difference with this serum… After 2-3 months my first baby hairs appeared and they continue to grow... I have been using it every day for 10 months, only locally where I need. Now I have the fourth pack and it´s great, I feel like having by 50% thicker hair.”

(Karolína, November, 23 2020)

The power of nature without silicones and parabens


Hair Serum contains:

  • Redensyl® complex with larch and green tea extract reactivating stem cells of hair follicles, promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss
  • natural caffeine actively acting in hair follicles, prolonging their life and stimulating hair growth
  • true Czech Ferdinand beer and hops soothing the scalp, promoting regeneration and slightly stiffening hair
  • creatine, which revitalizes, hydrates and increases volume
  • barley extract with a soothing and regenerating effect
  • 99,04 % ingredients of natural origin

Sleva 20 % na vlasové sérum Manufaktura

Editorial testing

Our  activating serum also received an excellent rating in the editorial testing of hair care products for 40+ women on the portal. We were really pleased with the results.

Ikonický pivní šampon Manufaktura.

Our tip!

Complement your hair treatment with liquid gold!  Beer shampoo has been our absolute best-seller since 2007! It provides hair with shine, strength and volume. It is inspired by time-proven advice our great-grandmothers, who used Czech beer for various hair rinses. It is suitable for all types of hair and guarantees voluminous hair which, in combination with the activating hair serum, literally makes the impossible happen. It is popular also for its delicate bitter-sweet aroma and vegan composition.

With love for hair,

Your Manufaktura

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