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Star Beer Shampoo

You must have heard of it… Our best-seller! Iconic hair shampoo containing golden beverage was launched in 2007. More than a million of buyers have tested it so far and it has gained a wide range of regular satisfied customers.

Success of Beer Shampoo

Our hair best-seller is striking again. The original beer shampoo has confirmed its popularity: it become number two in the readers´ survey of “Cosmetic Stars 2021”. What makes it exceptional?


Liquid Gold

Beer shampoo is inspired by time-tested advice and experience of our grandmas who

took advantage of beneficial effects of beer on beauty and vitality and used beer for hair treatment. Beer contains a great amount of vitamins B, trace elements and minerals. The shampoo provides hair with a healthy look, volume and shine, it supports regeneration, quality and growth of hair.

True Beer

Our renowned beer shampoo contains genuine Ferdinand beer - pale lager Max 11 % brewed from prime-quality Czech ingredients prepared by more than 120-year-old unchanged methods in an exceptionally beautiful Ferdinand brewery in Benešov with tradition since 1897. This true beer made of special variety of Žatec “Vital” hop and developed for pharmaceutical and biomedical purposes brings many excellent effects also to our cosmetics.


The Right Thing for Hair

Discover positive effects of beer on hair. Beer shampoo with protective extracts from barley, true Czech beer, hops extract supporting hair growth, calming panthenol and nourishing almond oil will provide your hair with excellent care.

What are it qualities?
  • regeneration and firming of hair
  • more shine
  • stimulation of hair growth
  • reduction of hair breakage
  • volume and light fixing effect
  • calming of hair scalp
  • hair freshness and vitality
What else?
  • It will amazingly scent your hair with delicious bitter-sweet spicy fragrance.
  • 49 % ingredients of natural origin, VEGAN composition

Watch the way of our most popular product from an idea to your bathroom…

You will fall in love with its great effects and unique fragrance, even if you do not fancy beer...


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