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Spring Skin Detox

Try detox tips that will help you kick-start natural renovation and cleansing of the skin and find out what really works for acne.

Everything begins to wake up and bloom with the arrival of spring. Let your skin, which tends to be tired, greyish and without energy after winter, bloom too. Now it is an ideal time for skin detox.

Try detox tips that will help you kick-start natural renovation and cleansing of the skin

How to cleanse your body and skin?

Skin detoxification starts deep inside of each of us. If our skin is satisfied and feels happy, then we most likely feel satisfied and happy too.
Detoxification treatment must be comprehensive and we should focus on our lifestyle, primarily on food, drinking habits and intake of toxins, which should be reduced (e. g.  stress, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes).


Treat Yourself to Relaxation or Yoga

Meditation or relaxation exercise is a great start and benefit for overall state of mind. Create pleasant atmosphere at your home and scent the premises or your workout mat with amazing interior fragrance, which is full of nature and contains essential oils.

Include a Ritual for Radiant and Happy Skin

Do not forget that there are 3 basic rules for beautiful skin. You will not move forward without them, whether you want to detoxify your skin or maintain it happy throughout the year.

CLEAR & HAPPY 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel, Scrub & Face Mask
1. Deep Cleansing

How to get rid of acne “overnight”? Start with thorough cleansing! It is necessary to do it every morning and every evening, regardless of whether you want detoxification or not. Gentle makeup removal should be the first step of your daily beauty routine.

Tonization and suitable caring cream for acne follows. Include skin exfoliation once or twice a week, which effectively removes impurities and dead cells from the skin. (However, be careful with acne-prone skin – use it only in case of intact skin and when acne is not inflamed).

Multifunctional CLEAR & HAPPY 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel, Scrub & Face Pack  with fresh cucumber fragrance is absolutely essential in oily and acne-prone skin care. It guarantees perfect and deep skin cleansing, mitigates acne, hydrates and brightens the skin. Thanks to this the skin better absorbs active substances from subsequent cosmetic care.

2. Tonization and Soothing

Before you apply any lifting cream, rejuvenating cream or facial oil, do not forget skin tonization. It balances pH, shrinks enlarged pores and improves hydration.

CLEAR & HAPPY Lotion and Tonic for Acne – Fresh herbal-cucumber lotion and hydrating tonic gently cleanses and calms oily and problematic skin prone to acne. It alleviate the signs of acne, hydrates, brightens and protects the skin from adverse environmental impacts.


3. Hydration and Balance

Hydration is a must. Regularly supplement your daily skincare routine with moisturising creams. Light creams full of nature, which quickly absorb, hydrate irritated skin and add balance, are perfect for application during the day.

CLEAR & HAPPY Face Cream for Problematic Skin – Light hydrating face cream with fresh cucumber fragrance significantly reduces sebum production, mattes too oily skin and restores softness of problematic skin. It creates a barrier protecting the skin from adverse environmental impacts.

Calming CLEAR SOS Gel for Acne and Pimples

Effective Detox and Skin Protection

Everyone loves it… MEADOW cosmetic range includes protective anti-pollution complex, smells amazing and offers really a lot in skincare routine. It promotes detoxification, provides protection, hydration and regeneration.

Intenzivní rozjasňující maska na obličej nabitá aktivními přírodními ingrediencemi

MEADOW After Party & Detoxifying Brightening Face Pack –We all know it – there are mornings when our skin needs an extra dose of energy after a sleepless night full of fun or stress. The intense brightening face pack stuffed with active natural ingredients perfectly kick-starts the skin and makes a look in the mirror more pleasant.

MEADOW Anti-Pollution & Detoxifying Micellar Water – Definitely the best micellar water for your skin! It contains many great caring and moisturising ingredients to prevent too degreased or dried skin. After application the skin is gently but perfectly cleansed, soft, fresh and hydrated.
MEADOW protective, detoxifying and hydrating micellar water with an anti-pollution complex from Czech and Slovak herbs and fruit gently removes skin impurities and makeup. Ideal for life in the city.

MEADOW Anti-Pollution Protective Face Mist – Is the skin on your face tired, dry and without energy? Envelop it in light face mist full of wildflowers and fruit, which will provide it with a tender touch of nature, although you are in the city.

Tender Care, Thorough Makeup Removal and Deep Cleansing

Daisy cosmetics are suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to the content of unique extract of dried daisies it promotes soothing, brightening, hydration and rejuvenation.

How to reach perfect skin cleansing? For skin detoxification try face packs and gentle makeup removal!

Cleansing Clay Face Mask with Daisy

Daisy Cleansing Clay Face Pack – Treat your skin to intense deep cleansing, immediate lifting and long-lasting hydration. Face pack with modern rose clay, daisy and hyaluronic acid cannot be missing in any cosmetic kit.

Daisy Oil-Based Makeup Removing Emulsion – You will fall in love with this gentle two-phase makeup remover with light cleansing oil and tonic. By shaking the bottle, the cleansing oil with natural emollients blend with the water phase containing active substances (soothing daisy and panthenol, hydrating lactic acid and calming seaweed extract).
You quickly and comfortably remove waterproof makeup and mascara, sweat, dust and other impurities from your skin with just a few strokes and your skin will be perfectly cleansed, soft and carefully hydrated.

Daisy Gentle Cleansing Face and Lip Scrub – Discover the beauty of your skin with a caring home ritual inspired by nature. Fine cleansing scrub for face and lips for gentle cleansing, intense regeneration, brightening and hydration.
It promotes regeneration processes in the skin and helps reborn it. This home ritual results in soft and smooth lips and velvety soft, wonderfully hydrated and radiant skin, which is perfectly prepared for application of other beautifying companions.

Do you know that ...?

♥ By drinking green juices (celery, beet, carrot, spinach and many other vegetables promoting removal of toxins from the body), you help detoxify your liver, which is essential for cleansed face and body skin.

♥ Steam bath and sauna are also great for body cleansing and removal of toxins from the skin. During steaming the pores open, toxins flush out and deep cleansing starts.

The daisy contains minerals, fruit acids, proteins, amino acids and other substances with a beneficial effect on the body.

The original and practical accessories will make your preparation of hot drinks easier.

TIP! Besides regular drinking of clean water you can boost body purification with loose-leaf PURIFICATION herbal tea , which improves digestion, promotes natural defence mechanism and elimination of harmful substances from the body.


Closing tip: quality trumps quantity

Search cosmetics that are gentle, rich in natural ingredients and without needless chemicals, silicones and parabens not only during skin detoxification. ♥

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We wish you beautiful spring days and happy skin
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