Skin Booster: the winner of rejuvenation

Finding a really efficient anti-wrinkle serum full of active substances, which is also affordable and as natural as possible, is almost impossible in the world of cosmetics. Discover the secret of eternal youth – our unique skin booster! Exceptional rejuvenating skin care with a high content of active substances has already convinced thousands of you. It reduces wrinkles by up to 64.5% and contains 93.9% ingredients of natural origin. A clinical study, hundreds of rave reviews and the number one in the readers´ survey. Ladies, do not worry about wrinkles any more...

Our winner in the category of anti-age!

The readers´ survey of Cosmetic Stars 2021 confirmed the exceptional popularity of the booster, which placed first in the category of face: anti-age. Get acquainted with it and try this rejuvenating miracle on your own skin.

It is small but really useful

Anti-aging, lifting, hydration, firming... This is what the smart stick offers. Delicate face serum is free from perfume and its power consists in strong concentration of very efficient ingredients. What are they?

  • Oil extract from safflower rich in omega-6-fatty acids and extracts from spilanthes acmella oleracea and astragalus membranaceus and coenzyme Q10 reduce wrinkles immediately and with long-lasting effects.
  • Hyaluronic acid has the exceptional ability to bind water and to gradually release it, thanks to which the skin gets an immediate lifting effect and increased elasticity.
  • Ceramides restore the skin´s protective layers and significantly support long-lasting hydration.
  • The extract from Laminaria Ochroleuca seaweed calms the skin and protects it against adverse effects of the sunshine.
  • Other exceptionally beneficial substances for softening and hydration include rose water, daisy extract and natural oils.
There are tens of rave reviews from our satisfied customers in our online store.

“It visibly smooths wrinkles, has easily spreadable texture and does not irritate my sensitive skin. I am absolutely satisfied and recommend it.”

“It exceeded my expectations. I will definitely repeat the whole treatment in the autumn.”

“I lasted full 28 days and it paid off! Thank you.”

More reviews are in the review tab here.

Clinical study

The fact that it is a really exceptional product was proved by a clinical study conducted by the National Institute of Public Health in Czech Republic.

  • wrinkles around eyes, lips and on the forehead are smoothed by up to 64.5 %
  • 95% of women reported reduction of wrinkles
  • in the area of ​​skin hydration, a significant and long-term increase by up to 10.7% has been demonstrated

4 tips for tailor-made rejuvenating treatment

We recommend using skin booster in the following manner:

1) Intensive 28-day skin care treatment

Treat yourself to it ideally twice a year – in spring and autumn: apply it to cleansed skin. Blend 1 drop of the booster with your day cream and massage it gently to the face. Apply 4 drops in the evening by light tapping your face – pay particular attention to the area of eyes and lips during application. Then, use your regular night cream.

2) Intensive 28-day smoothing treatment for reduction of eye wrinkles

Treat yourself to it ideally twice a year – in spring and autumn: Apply 1 drop in the morning and 4 drops in the evening by light tapping your cleansed skin in the eye area.

3) Regular rejuvenating night care

Apply 2 drops in the evening by light tapping your face - pay particular attention to the area of eyes and lips during application. Then, apply your regular night cream.

4) For enhancing the effects of your regularly used and proven skin care products

Blend 1 drop of the booster with one dose of your day or night cream on the back of your hand and apply it to cleansed skin.

Our tip!

Complement the rejuvenating care with other products that are necessary for the comprehensive skin care! Discover e. g. anti-aging night cream from the Daisy range at favourable price. Protection, nourishment, hydration and rejuvenation. Vegan composition and ideal care for women who often stay in the city.


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