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Valentine´s Day, a day of all those in love, is approaching and bringing a great opportunity to express how much your loved ones mean to you. Delight them with original gifts containing tender care, irresistible beauty, sweet lounging as well as romantic moments in a couple…

Gift Card - Out of Love for Free

Some of us have difficulty expressing ourselves, in particular if it deals of love. Take your time and write what you have on your mind and make your gift perfect. You will get a wonderful greeting card, where you can write the most beautiful message – love message, FREE of charge for every order. The special offer is valid from February 3rd to February 14, 2021. We will automatically pack the Gift card with your order, do not put it in the basket.



No woman could ever resist the delight of receiving a flower... Rose is a symbol of love and beauty, so that is why it is linked with romantic moments and expression of the most beautiful emotions. Cosmetics with rose are thus an ideal gift out of love.


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Visit the category of Valentine´s Day Gifts for HER and discover much more. You will find there other beauty and rejuvenating cosmetics with the queen of flowers, romantic candles, caring cosmetic packages as well as the most beautiful fragrances from the world of nature.



How to delight men? Bet on caring products that can captivate them. Men adore our men´s cosmetics with original design and great fragrance! What would your beloved partner say about complex cosmetic care containing true Czech beer?


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You will find other tips in the category of Valentine´s Day Gifts for HIM. Original gift sets, exceptional beer cosmetics and companions for beautiful and voluminous hair are ready for pleasing you beloved partner.


News! Exclusive cocktail syrup from rose petals

Ideal for preparation of delicious mixed drinks not only for romantic moments…

Try out:
Bubbles in Love - pour rose syrup at the bottom of a Champagne glass and add dry sparkling wine or Prosecco. Decorate it with a strawberry or rose petals.
Rosenade – for preparation of rose lemonade the best dilution of the syrup and chilled sparkling water is 1:10.
Passionate Gin & Tonic – pour syrup to a glass with ice, add 40 ml of gin and tonic in the best dilution of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 or 2:3 – depending on your taste. Decorate it with a spring of rosemary, a slice of lemon and rose.

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