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News for Hair without Dandruff


We have launched a new soft anti-dandruff shampoo with beer and herbs. The shampoo extends our offer of the legendary beer cosmetics presented mainly as hair care in recent years.

Liquid Gold for Beautiful Hair
Our grandmothers knew that beer had beneficial effects on quality of hair – it reduces brittleness, adds a light fixing effect, supports growth, restores natural shine and increases hair volume.

Why is our news special?
The new shampoo is special because it provides a comprehensive effective solution for dandruff relief and itchy scalp, although it does not contain zinc pyrithione – the most frequently used anti-dandruff ingredient, which is on the brink of prohibition soon.

What does its magic consist in?
The unique formula of the new shampoo is based on an exceptional anti-dandruff ingredient – patented Dandrilys® extracted from bark of Ziziphus jujube. Have you heard of this specific woody plant? Its effects are proven: Dandrilys® is a natural alternative to zinc pyrithione, it reduces formation of dandruff, has anti-inflammatory effects, excellent qualities to calm sensitive scalp and reduce uncomfortable symptoms, such as itching and redness, it regulates sebum production. What else? The effect of dandruff reduction lasts up to 72 hours!

Other Precious Natural Ingredients
The extra soft anti-dandruff shampoo contains also true Ferdinand beer from Benešov, barley, hops, rosemary and lichen extracts, almond oil, panthenol and polysaccharides from brown seaweed. All these precious ingredients supply the shampoo with further important benefits, i.e. they support hair strengthening, regeneration, hydration and shine.

Gentle Formula
Allergen-free herbal perfume provides hair with amazing fragrance. Thanks to the exceptionally gentle formula without SLES and zinc pyrithion the shampoo is suitable for everyday use, for all types of hair and sensitive scalp.


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