New MEADOW Anti-Pollution Range

We spend majority of our life in cities offering us a huge variety of options and choices, entertainment and excitement as well as drawbacks, such as polluted environment, which is an enemy (not only) of our skin. Smog, carbon dioxide, industrial residues, UV radiation, tobacco smoke, stress, blue radiation from computers and mobile phones significantly contribute to aging and weakening of the skin. What to do?

Discover our unique brand new MEADOW anti-pollution collection, which will become your protective shield for life in the city and for work in the office full of modern technology. It brings a comprehensive care in three steps: gentle cleansing, balance and support of protective barrier.

Although we live in cities, we tend to seek nature and whenever we can we escape to it. That is why nature was the biggest inspiration for development of the new MEADOW anti-pollution protective range. All products from this collection exploit a unique natural complex from Czech and Slovak meadow herbs (daisy, milk thistle, agrimony and dandelion), apple, peach, barley and wheat, which supports detoxification, balance and protection. Moreover, selected products boast Ectoin, which effectively prevents oxidative stress and damage. It significantly enhances regeneration and hydration, thus slows down skin aging. The formula contains also other precious ingredients, such as vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid of 2nd generation, beta glucans, vitamins, panthenol and many more.


Care from nature for Life in the City...

Find balance between hectic life in the city and cleanliness of nature and take care of the future of your face and body skin and hair now. Only by means of suitable care you can prevent pre-mature skin aging, formation of wrinkles, dark spots and freckles, clogged pores, loss of elasticity, dehydration, irritation, formation of dandruff, or hair loss. The MEADOW cosmetic range full of herbs, flowers, fruit, cleanliness and tender care will become your everyday escape to nature and a companion of beautiful and protected skin and hair. Have a smell and tune in to beauty all around you - no matter where you are.

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