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New Interior Fragrances and the Power of Aromatherapy

Have you got acquainted with our news? Wonderful interior fragrances with natural essential oils can neutralize bad odours, pleasantly scent interior and cheer you up. Flood every corner of you home with fantastic tones inspired by purity of nature. Transfer yourself into the enchanting world of fragrances by single application and make all your mundane and uncommon moments more pleasant.

Try our new interior fragrances and discover a new scent of your home:

For Pleasure & Refreshment:

Grapefruit and Orange

Fantastic refreshing citrus fragrance with essential oils from orange, grapefruit, caraway, anise and litsea cubeba will cover your home with the tones of fresh cleanliness, it will cheer you up and add energy and vigour.


100% Anti-Stress

Lavender and Litsea Cubeba

Aromatherapeutic interior fragrance with essential oils from lavender and litsea cubeba will immediately scent your interior, neutralize bad odours and help relieve stress. Allow yourself to be absorbed by 100% natural anti-stress fragrance blended with magical calming tones of nostalgic lavender and refreshing litsea cubeba. It helps reduce stress and fatigue and has harmonizing and antiseptic properties.

Do you know what aromatherapy is?

It is a natural method exploiting unique effects of plant essential oils on human body. Our offer includes 100% natural essential oils suitable to bathtubs, aroma lamps, sauna infusions, whirlpool baths and for massages.

Essential Oils

They are obtained by pressing, distilling or extracting various parts of plants, i.e. blooms, fruits, leaves, bark or roots. Production of a few drops of plant oil usually consumes up to one kilogram of natural resource. Scent released from plant oil has a positive impact on psyche – it calms, refreshes, harmonizes, supports concentration and helps relieve stress. Essential oils work also on the skin – they cure, calm and cleanse it, stimulate blood circulation and support regeneration.

History of Aromatherapy

The healing power of aromatherapy was known by our ancestors more than 5,000 years ago. In particular ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians had great taste in using aromatic oils. Much later, in 19th century, plant oils were gradually scientifically analysed mainly in France in order to confirm their efficiency, which wise men, folk healers, apothecaries and doctors attributed to them. René Maurice Gattefossé, French chemist, is considered a founder of modern aromatherapy. He used the term aromatherapy for the first time in his work published in 1937. Another important person in the field of aromatherapy was Jean Valnet, French doctor, who treated wounded soldiers during the second world war by means of essential oils. Nowadays, aromatherapy is based on numerous scientific studies and it is considered the main part of alternative treatment across the world.

How can aromatherapy be used in ordinary life? Here are several tips from Terka Růžičková, our developer:

Relaxation Bath

Relaxation bath contributes to overall relaxation of human body and it has a beneficial effect on the skin too.

How to do it?
Blend 5 to 10 drops in oil or milk and pour it into a bathtub with ca 37°C hot water. Enjoy 15-minute-long harmonizing bath.
Choose e.g. anti-stress 100% natural lavender essential oil.



Massage relieves tension and stress and improves our overall state of mind.

How to do it?
Blend essential oil and plant oil (almond, sunflower, apricot kernel oils or others) in the ratio of 1-5 drops per 10ml of plant oil.
You will definitely enjoy massage with relaxing 100% natural mint essential oil.

Aroma Lamps

Allow yourself to float on the wave of fragrances that will stimulate, calm or cheer you up.

How to do it?
Add 3-8 drops to water in a lighted aroma lamp.
100% natural litsea cubeba essential oil will pleasantly scent your home and clear the air.


One more great tip!

Scent your exercise mat with our new interior fragrances when e.g. doing yoga or another home relaxation workout. It will support your concentration, relaxation and stimulate your body and mind!

Can you feel the scent? Take a breath and you will immediately transfer yourself into the world of rest and relaxation. Relaxing fragrance will flood every corner of your home and wash away all your worries.

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