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Wonderful Decorations and Toys with Czech Tradition


This is the perfect time to turn attention to Czech products and local companies. More than ever before it is necessary to support local brands and to help them cope with this unpleasant and troublesome season. Visit the category of Toys and Decorations in the section of Accessories in our online store and discover the true Czechness.

Our brand is famous mainly for production of original Czech cosmetics. Since its establishment in 1991 we have been intensively supporting Czech craftsmen and producers. Over that time we have managed to join together more than 250 small craftsmen, ancient folk art masters, tradition holders and smaller Czech companies, the products of which we have been selling. We help preserve unique craft techniques threatened with extinction by ensuring regular sale and cooperation in development, design and protection of their products. Our Manufaktura Original Czech Tradition brick-and-mortar shops located in the historic centre of Prague have become a unique platform for presentation of our traditional crafts and toys. Due to their temporary closure we provide you with some of their samples at least via our online store.


Our tips!

Do you know that ancient fabric printing technique of blueprint was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2018? Get acquainted with exceptional blueprint products made in a family workshop in Moravia, the history of which dates back to 16th century.


KERAMOS, as the name indicates, deals with ceramics. Skilful hands of the employees of a small family workshop in Prague make beautiful original and timeless ceramic decorations.


Fall in love with South-Bohemian ceramics from Hrdějovice! Lovely, stylish and resistant dishes will embellish any kitchen and thanks to their high-quality utility they will become your daily companions of dining.


Nostalgic toys

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