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How to take care of baby skin

We have prepared and fine-tuned everything to the last detail, so now we can finally present our new range to you. This time they are intended for our little ones. When developing these cosmetics we took specific properties of children´s skin, which is very delicate and sensitive, into consideration. Its protective function is not fully developed yet and protective skin barrier film is not in sufficient quantities, so using cosmetics maintaining skin healthy and allowing correct development is necessary.

Our new Children´s Baby Friendly Cosmetics with exceptional delicate ingredients is ideal for gentle care from head to toe. Exceptionally fine formulae containing no sulphates, parabenes, petroleum oils and allergic perfumes are enriched in true vegetable oils and efficient oat extract with precious beta-glucan. Baby Cosmetics are dermatologically tested and suitable for newborns and children with particularly sensitive skin. Design of the range is accompanied with cheerful pictures of animals, which will make your everyday bathing rituals more pleasant and you will have lots of fun with them. All animals are depicted when playing various children´s games and having fun and their mission is to inspire children and parents to entertaining and active childhood without telephones and computers.

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