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How to Deal with Hair Loss in Men and Women

Hair loss affects both men and women regardless of age. However, there are several ways how to alleviate excessive hair loss and how to improve overall condition of hair. We are going to deal with what helps prevent hair loss.

Aktivační sérum proti vypadávání vlasů Pivní kosmetika


Hair loss in men and women might be caused by genetic predisposition, but the most common causes of problems with hair include:

  • hormonal changes (in women it is mainly menopause, pregnancy and contraceptive discontinuation)
  • unhealthy lifestyle (lack of movement, smoking, alcohol, inappropriate food)
  • stress, some diseases or medication
  • improper hair care


What helps prevent hair loss? To target treatment, it is always important to identify the cause of hair loss. However, if you observe the following tips and tricks, the condition of your hair should improve.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

An adequate diet is the basis of beautiful hair. Include food rich in vitamins A, C and E, iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet - e. g. fruit, vegetables, whole-grain products, meat, fish and legume.

Support your beauty, vitality and strength of your hair from inside with the Hair & Nails Food Supplement containing 17 effective active substances, highly concentrated natural extracts and essential amino acids. Thanks to this composition it is suitable also for vegans.

2. Avoid Stress

Try to avoid, or at least minimize, stressful situations and take time to relaxation and regeneration. For instance, aromatherapy, i. e. blend of 100% natural essential oils relieving stress and refreshing body and mind, will help you relax.

3. The Way You Wash Your Hair Matters

Thorough hair washing is important for removing impurities and products from the scalp. However, remember that frequent washing of hair dries out the scalp, which results in irritation or dandruff.

4. Use Gentle Hair Cosmetics

Choose hair care products containing tried and tested nourishing, conditioning, regenerating and protective substances and ingredients that strengthen hair or accelerate its growth - such as beer, caffeine, etc.

If you dye your hair, use soft hair colourants without ammonia, PPD (paraphenylenediamine) or resorcinol (resorcinol).

5. Dry your Hair Carefully

Do not wring your hair during washing and do not rub it hard when drying it with a towel. Particularly fine hair, which tends to break quickly, is very sensitive and should be treated carefully.

6. Choose the Right Comb to Brush Your Hair

Improper treatment can lead to hair loss. Gentle combing out with a comb or a brush adopted to your hair type is recommended.

If you have dry hair, use a thick brush to stimulate and massage the sebaceous glands. Subsequently, the needed substances pass over the entire length of hair and reach the ends.

The best way to comb thick hair easily is to use a wooden brush or a fine-tooth comb. You will avoid unpleasant scrubbing or pulling.

Always comb your hair gradually, gently and slowly. Start from the ends and gently work your way up to the scalp. If you have long hair, you should comb your hair twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

P.S. Do not forget to regularly clean the comb or brush to avoid impurities to settle in, which can affect the quality and shine of your hair.

7. Be Careful with Hair Dryers, Curling Irons and Hair Bands

Avoid blow drying with hot air and use of hair straighteners or curling irons, which can damage your hair and results in its loss. Similarly, frequent application of styling products can burden your hair.

If you wear a ponytail, do not tighten your hair too much. The best are textile “scrunchies”, or spiral rubber bands that do not break hair or tighten it too much. Leave your hair down and let it “breathe” during the day.

Say STOP to your thinning hair and lost self-confidence

Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair Prone to Falling out

We have drawn up an ideal hair care that supports growth, shine and strength of your hair. Get to know our best hair care products without parabens, silicones and sulphates, which are suitable also for vegans.

Key ingredients:

  • Authentic Czech beer from the Ferdinand brewery for regeneration, shine and volume
  • Barley extract with soothing and regenerating effects
  • Gentle conditioning ingredients
  • Redensyl® complex with larch and green tea extracts reactivating stem cells of hair follicles, supporting hair growth and reducing hair loss
  • Natural caffeine that actively acts in hair follicles, prolongs their life and stimulates hair growth
  • Creatine that revitalises
  • Soothing panthenol
  • Nourishing almond oil

Unikátní aktivační sérum na vlasy Pivní kosmetika

1. Beer Cosmetics Original Hair Shampoo – 97% natural beer shampoo without silicones is suitable for regeneration of all types of hair and accompanied with delicate bitter-sweet unisex fragrance.

2. Beer Cosmetics Regenerating Hair Balm – perfect final touch for beautiful hair. After regular washing your hair deserves an intense dose of hydration for shine and vitality.

3. Beer Cosmetics Strengthening Hair Mask – intense rinse-off treatment full of natural ingredients without silicones will provide your hair with exclusive care and ensure beauty and vitality.

4. Beer Cosmetics Activating Serum Preventing Hair Loss – unique serum with research-proven results – up to 28,200 new hairs in 3 months. 99% ingredients of natural origin with a highly effective patented Redensyl® complex, natural caffeine and hops.

How to Take Care of Particular Types of Hair

In order to treat your hair to the right care, it is extremely important to know what type of hair you have. Regardless of whether you suffer from dandruff, oily or damaged hair, we have suitable hair cosmetics for you: with a high content of natural ingredients, without silicones and parabens.

Dry and Damaged Hair

APRICOT Regenerating Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair with extract form apricot and wheat germs, almond oil and research-proven active XylishineTM intensely hydrates, repairs hair fibres, nourishes and strengthens. What else? It smells amazing of sparkling fresh fragrance of apricot.

APRICOT Nourishing Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair - intense mask for dry and damaged hair without silicones, with natural oils, apricot extract, wheat, peach and apple, creatine and research-proven active XylishineTM restores natural beauty of hair.

Intenzivní vlasová maska Meruňka na suché a poškozené vlasy

Dandruff and Sensitive Scalp

Try our unique formula of the Beer cosmetic range combining hundreds-of-years proven natural ingredients and the latest cosmetic trends.

Beer Cosmetics Soft Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – extra soft soothing care for beautiful hair without dandruff. The dandruff reduction effect lasts for up to 72 hours! With the unique patented anti-dandruff Dandrilys®.

Beer Cosmetics Extra Soft Dream Shampoo - revitalising shampoo with beer, caffeine, hops and barley extracts supports growth and volume, intensely hydrates, regenerates and protects hair.

Jemný šampon Pivní kosmetika proti lupům.

Greasy and Fine Hair

Extra Soft Shampoo with Dead Sea Salt for Volume & Hydration – extra soft shampoo without SLES, with Dead Sea salt and oat extract for nourishment, hydration and volume. Ideal for fine, normal and greasy hair and sensitive scalp.

Soft Hair Balm with Dead Sea Salt for Regeneration & Hydration – regenerating hair conditioner with Dead Sea salt and without silicones nourishes, hydrates and regenerates hair, supports its thickening, enhances firmness, volume, elasticity and gloss, improves hair quality and growth and protects hair from adverse environmental impacts. It makes combing easier and removes unpleasant static electricity.


Volume and Colour Protection

Discover the magic of wine for beautiful hair full of life. Wine Cosmetics Revitalising Hair Shampoo and Balm for Volume & Colour with Unique TILAMAR® Boost 150 provides hair with colour protection, increased volume, shine, strength and hydration thanks to the content of Moravian wine, natural antioxidants and proteins.

Extra šetrný šampon na vlasy Objem & hydratace se solí z Mrtvého moře

Jemná antistatická mlha na vlasy

Extra Care at the End

Envelop your hair in a protective shield that will provide it with immediate and deep hydration and leave it beautiful, shiny and frizz-free. Moreover, you will be rewarded with sweet fragrance of apricot every time you apply it.

Apricot Hair Mist for Hydration and Protection – soft rinse-off spray provides protection from harmful UV radiation, which causes weakening and colour fading of hair. Anti-pollution substances based on extracts from apricot, wheat, barley and ginseng protect hair from harmful environmental impacts from air and prevent absorption of impurities. A complex of carbohydrates and seaweed extract protects hair from loss of deep moisture during heat treatment (hair dryer, etc.).

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