Daily task: Do not forget your decolletage

Beautiful decolletage is what women take (or do not take) pride in. The signs of aging are more visible in this area than in the face itself. It depends on how much we take care of it. During our morning and evening skin care routine we should not forget that decolletage and neck are practically part of our face and that regular high-quality care is a must. The ideal strategy is to turn the care of decolletage into a small ritual. Do you want to know which specific product can help you rejuvenate your decolletage?


Try rejuvenation with rose or 2 in 1 mask

Do not omit your neck and decolletage during your beauty ritual. Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle & Lifting Mask for Face and Decolletage was designed and developed specially for these areas. It effectively prevents premature aging or provides the already existing signs of aging with exclusive care.

We interviewed our development department…

Since it is a really special cosmetic product, we decided to ask several interesting questions to the most qualified and trustworthy person directly from our laboratory. Ing. Eva Horčíková, great developer, has been contributing on development of the best cosmetic products for many years and she has a wealth of experience in this field. Our rejuvenating mask with rose, the formula of which Eva worked and cooperated on with other specialists, is no exception.


Eva, tell me, to whom and why would you recommend our rose mask?

We recommend our lifting mask to 40+ women, but it is a very individual matter. Type and quality of the skin is more important than age. Well, even younger women can use it. For instance, the skin can be very dry at the age of thirty and show the signs of aging more quickly than it is common at this age. But this mask is not suitable for greasy young skin.

What do you think – how important it is to take care of decolletage?

Most women take care of their face but they tend to forget their neck and decolletage. But this is not good because aging is more visible on the neck and decolletage than on the face. The skin at this area is very fine and thin and it has few sebaceous glands. Moreover, the skin is more exposed to the sun and other weather effects. So, we must take care of our skin on the neck and decolletage and protect it from dehydration.

How often should the mask for decolletage be applied?

If we want to slow down premature skin aging on the neck and decolletage, it is necessary to take care of it and regularly use hydrating or nourishing creams (e. g. those from the Daisy or Rose range). For extra nourishment I recommend application of our new exclusive Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle & Lifting Mask from the Rose range, which you let set for 20 minutes. Then wipe off the unabsorbed residues with napkin, or spread them as cream to other body parts.

Extra tip from Eva, our developer

Try to apply the mask before a meeting, a party or a cultural event, where you want to look particularly good. The mask will soften your wrinkles, hydrate and stretch the skin, so it will look very fresh and relaxed. It is desirable before every social event, isn´t it?

Will you tell us about any miraculous ingredients that this rejuvenating mask contains? Why just these ingredients?

Our new mask is literally charged with complex and synergic anti-aging ingredients. It deals of a mixture of low, medium and high weight molecular hyaluronic acid for deep hydration and an immediate lifting effect, collagen hexapeptide, which visibly reduces depth and length of wrinkles, coenzyme Q10 for better regeneration of the skin, because it increases energy use in cells, next the mixture of vitamins A, C, E and panthenol, a complex of other hydrating substances, such as the extracts from rhubarb, urea and lactic acid, fructose, glycine, niacinamide and others. The multi-lifting extract from acmella oleracea and astragalus membranaceus, which has an immediate and long-lasting firming effect according to clinical studies, it strengthens the function of dermal barrier, increases collagen synthesis and impacts visible signs of skin aging.

Another important ingredient of the formula is true rose oil from the flowers of the damask rose, protective oat beta-glucan, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, nourishing, caring and protective shea butter, squalene, almond, macadamia nut and jojoba oils.

How difficult is the production process of such a product?

Production of such a product is similarly challenging as other emulsions. Strong emphasis is placed on technological facilities, cleanliness of the work equipment and working environment, quality of ingredients as well as expertise and responsibility of the service staff – we have that all. Development of similar products with so many ingredients is demanding for several reasons:

1. The formula must be efficient, dermatologically suitable and it must have a pleasant feeling.

2. All ingredients must be mutually compatible.

3. The formula must be physically and microbiologically stable.

4. The product must be safe for human. Sometimes meeting all these requirements is a tough nut to crack. However, we do our best in the production to always reach a perfect result.

At the end I would like to know … do you use the mask regularly? Whenever I see you, you always look great.

Thank you for the compliment, however, my skin is far from being perfect. Besides cosmetic treatment also genetics, non-smoking, drinking habits, not much solar radiation as well as positive outlook on life have a strong influence on flawless skin look. As the saying goes “the shoemaker's children always go barefoot”, but what I do is regular cleansing of my skin and I use some lighter Manufaktura creams and serums, which I take from the laboratory to home for testing. Even at this age my skin tends to be greasy. I use our lifting mask too but mostly in winter. I apply it in a thicker layer to the neck and decolletage – this is where its effect on my skin is the most visible.


Thank you, Eva, for the interview. Thank YOU for reading it!

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