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Christmas with Czech Tradition

Christmas is magical time. Our memories reawaken and we nostalgically go back into the past. Step back in time with us…

Bring the atmosphere of good old days to your homes and support the spirit of this year´s Christmas through products holding hours and hours of handiwork and skills of master craftsmen. Let Czechness and authenticity into your home and close the door on anonymous decorations from Asia which uselessly travel across the world to our country and due to which we forget beautiful and exceptional local and traditional products.

Czech Christmas is here! See for yourself. Visit our online store and discover our new range of traditional Czech Christmas decorations and original retro toys. Catch up on good old times by means of objects bringing true Czech Christmas with a touch of nostalgia to your home.

We love Czech tradition and we have been supporting it since our establishment in 1991. You can convince yourself about that in our Manufaktura Original Czech Tradition shops in the centre of Prague where we offer a wide assortment of not only Christmas ornaments and decorations by more than 250 craftsmen. If you are not going to Prague, visit our online store and the new category of “Czech Christmas” where you find the best pieces for original Christmas decoration.

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