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Care for Dry, Damaged and Dyed Hair

Very dry and damaged hair without shine and elasticity troubles many women. We bring you some tips and tricks on how to take care of dry hair without shine, how to treat dry and dyed hair, which also requires special treatment.

Do you wonder how to recognize dry and damaged hair? Difficult detangling is typical of this type of hair and the hair is rough to touch. It often seems that dry hair hardly grows, which is caused by its brittleness. It loses elasticity, becomes dull and fray.

Péče o suché, poškozené a barvené vlasy

Causes of Dry and Damaged Hair

Dry, brittle hair without shine, which looks frizzy or straw-like at first sight, can be caused by many factors, the most common are genetics and lifestyle.

Mechanical Causes

  • Too frequent heat treatment of hair (curling iron, hair straightener, etc.)
  • Poorly chosen hair cosmetics
  • Too frequent hair washing
  • Extensive sun exposure
  • Careless combing
  • Sleeping with wet hair

Chemical Causes

  • Careless lightening and colouring of hair
  • Improper treatment

4 Steps to Proper Care for Dry and Damaged Hair

It will take some time, patience and gentle treatment. However, all effort is worthwhile.

1. Trim the ends of your hair regularly

2. Focus on healthy diet and lifestyle

3. Treat yourself to hair mask for dry hair at least once a week

4. Choose suitable shampoo and conditioner

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Restore Vitality, Strength and Shine to Your Hair

Does your hair lack shine and does it look dull? Do not look for the best products for dry and damaged hair. Instead, focus on comprehensive highly hydrating, nourishing and regenerating hair care.

Try e. g. Apricot cosmetic range with apricot extract, almond oil and Xylishine® active substance, which restores natural beauty, shine and vitality to hair.

The Apricot regenerating shampoo for dry, damaged and fragile lifeless hair intensely hydrates, restores hair fibres, nourishes and strengthens.

The intense apricot kernel nourishing mask for dry and damaged hair without silicones restores natural beauty to hair. Moreover, it amazingly scents the hair with sparkling fresh fragrance of apricot.

ECO TIP! The Apricot Revitalising and Hydrating ECO Shampoo Bar will exceed your expectation – it forms rich lather, provides fresh look, amazing fragrance and shine. It lasts up to 50 washings and its shape perfectly fits into a palm.

Do not Forget to Apply Conditioner after Every Washing

Conditioner is irreplaceable part of hair care for dry and damaged type of hair. The combination of products intended for hydration and regeneration of hair is an ideal choice.

The Dead Sea Salt Soft Hair Balm for Regeneration & Hydration nourishes, supports hair thickening, enhances firmness, elasticity and shine of the hair. It makes combing easier and removes unpleasant static electricity.

The Beer Cosmetics Regenerating Hair Balm provides hair with deep care. It supplies hair with natural shine, protects it and eliminates unpleasant static charge. You will appreciate also softness of your hair and easy combing after application.

What to Avoid when Taking Care of Dry Hair?

Avoid anything that can further dry out the already dry hair and remember that less is more.

1. Do not dye your hair yourself at home and trust the experts on haircare

2. Minimize use of hair dryers and straighteners

3. Try not to wash your hair too often

4. Do not wash your hair with too hot water, which dries it out

5. Minimize the number of hair styling products


Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair

Do you like to experiment and get inspired by advice of our grandmothers, like we do? Try a few simple recipes from commonly available ingredients, which you can easily make at home.

Create e. g. your own home-made mask for dry hair. Or, try our BIO apricot kernel oil for dry hair.

Avocado Mask for Dry Hair

  • Mix 1 ripe avocado with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and stir it thoroughly
  • Apply the mask in a thin layer to wet hair washed with shampoo
  • Comb it
  • For better absorption of the mask, cover the hair with a plastic bag
  • Wrap your hair in a towel
  • Allow it to work for 30 minutes
  • Rinse it thoroughly and wash again with shampoo

Homemade Hydrating Hair Mask with egg & honey

  • Blend 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon of olive oil into a paste
  • Apply the mass to the hair
  • Allow it to work for 30 minutes
  • Rinse it thoroughly with water

Oil Hair Pack

There is beauty in simplicity. Prepare a highly regenerating and nourishing oil pack for your hair, which you can easily create from most natural oils. How to do it?

Just warm the oil in your palms and apply it to wet hair. For a more intense result, wrap your hair in a plastic cap and allow it to work for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly with hair shampoo intended for dry hair.

Treat yourself to oil mask no more than once a week. You can allow it to work also overnight.

The cold-pressed emollient and regenerating BIO apricot kernel oil for face, hair and skin care offers a wide range of uses. It is very beneficial for hair and ideal for care of delicate, dry and sensitive face skin as well as the skin of the whole body (including children’s skin).

BIO meruňkový olej na suché vlasy.

How to take care of dyed hair?

Dyed hair can be damaged very quickly due to improper care and careless treatment. Make sure that hair cosmetics that you use regularly are suitable for your hair type.

Vinná péče o vlasy Manufaktura

Wine hair care provides effective protection of colour, increases volume of frizzy hair, revitalises it and deeply hydrates. All this thanks to antioxidant grape wine extract and patented TILAMAR® Boost 150 ingredient. It also contains authentic Moravian wine, almond oil, rice protein for colour protection, shine and hydration, regenerating oat beta-glucan and panthenol.

The soft revitalising shampoo and revitalising balm for volume and colour protection from the Wine Cosmetic range with Moravian wine, natural antioxidants and proteins provides hair with colour protection, increased volume, shine, strength and hydration.

The soft antistatic Apricot mist for hydration, shine and colour protection deeply hydrates and creates a protective shield. Moreover, you will be rewarded with sweet fragrance of apricot every time you apply it.

Closing tip

Try to regularly use also the Beauty from Inside Food Supplement: Hair & Nail providing hair with necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

We wish you beautiful summer days,
Your Manufaktura

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