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Bloom into Beauty with Daisy

Enjoy summer days with daisy and discover seven magic tricks of your beauty! Get acquainted with our bestsellers that have been very popular with our customers for a long time and discover the secret of tender daisy cosmetics ideal for sensitive skin.

Daisy was considered a cure-all and people believed it brought good luck. This tender white plant contains precious mineral substances, fruit acids, proteins and amino acids, antioxidant flavonoids, hydrating polysaccharides and other substances with beneficial effects on our body. Thanks to their rejuvenating effects on skin they were used for preparation of beauty elixirs in the Renaissance. Decoctions of dried daisy flowers have been used internally in folk medicine for centuries.

Daisy extract supports skin calming, hydration, brightening and rejuvenation.

Tips for our bestsellers with daisy suitable also for sensitive skin


Thorough cleansing

Makeup Remover with Daisy

Thorough and gentle cleansing is a basis of skincare. Soft facial lotion for sensitive skin with daisy and almond oil will perfectly cleanse your skin and prepare it for further caring rituals.

Calming Face Toner with Daisy

Get acquainted with gentle companion for finishing morning and evening skin cleansing. Face toner for sensitive skin with daisy, panthenol and almond oil for hydrated and regenerated skin.

Gentle Cleansing Lip and Face Scrub with Daisy

Soft cleansing lip and face scrub with daisy for gentle cleansing, intensive regeneration, brightening and hydration. Discover the beauty of your skin with caring home ritual inspired by nature.


Nourishment & Hydration


Exclusive Facial Oil Elixir with Daisy

Oil elixir for sensitive skin is one of our long-term bestsellers. It regenerates, nourishes, softens and hydrates skin and prevents its aging. Discover this beautifying daisy miracle…

Moisturizing Face Fluid with Daisy

Gentle fluid with daisy for sensitive skin will accompany you all day long. You will appreciate it as hydrating and rejuvenating makeup foundation as well as day and night face cream. It rejuvenates, regenerates, hydrates, calms, stretches the skin and prevents its aging.

Secret of Eternal Youth


Anti-Aging Serum for Eyes and Lips with Daisy

Get acquainted with a magic daisy pen. It effectively reduces formation of wrinkles and brings an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect, helps slow down aging, firms the skin and is suitable also for sensitive skin.

Anti-Aging Night Face Cream with Daisy

While you sleep precious ingredients take care of beauty of your skin. Gentle rejuvenating night face cream for sensitive skin with daisy, peptides and hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin, smooths out wrinkles and provides intensive nourishment.

Rejuvenating Skin Booster

Discover the secret of eternal youth. This miraculous companion charged with a high content of active substances has already impressed thousands of you. Reduction of wrinkles up to 64.5% is confirmed by a clinical study. Ideal for regular and intensive skin treatment.

Extra care – ideal for regular treatment


Oil for Face, Skin and Hair Care with Apricot

Precious, cold-pressed ORGANIC apricot kernel oil supports hydration, softening and regeneration. Discover its caring magic and conjure up beautiful face, skin and hair.

Regenerating Face Mask with Rose & Thermal Spring Salt

Regenerating face mask full of natural ingredients for skin pampering. Precious oils, rose, thermal spring salt and hyaluronic acid provide the skin with intensive care, hydration, protection and prevention of aging.

Nourishing and Softening Hand Scrub with Almond Oil

Nourishing, softening and revitalizing hand scrub with almond oil and apricot kernels for velvety soft, thoroughly nourished and young-looking glowing skin.

The Story of Daisy

We get daisies to our cosmetics also by gathering them by hand in a clean environment of gardens and meadows. Many employees across the whole company are involved in gathering, so our products contain flowers from all beautiful corners of Bohemia and Slovakia.


After thorough gathering the herbs are dried and then the most important part of our tender products – daisy extract full of beauty – is obtained in our premises in Prague-Čakovice. How do we get it? For production of shower gel or shampoo we need water-soluble extract, which is made by extraction in ethyl-alcohol or propylene glycol. Body oil, facial oil or lip balm need oil-soluble extract, which is produced by maceration, i.e. dried herbs are put into high-quality oil and macerated for 3-4 weeks. During this time the herbs are blended with oil and their active substances directly penetrate the oil. Thanks to that the oil gets specific therapeutic qualities and effects.

Fall in love with these tender white flowers, on the exceptional effects of which we established a great collection. The cosmetics with daisy have been very popular with you, our dear customers, for years. Thank you for that!

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