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Anti-Pollution Care in Three Steps

The new cosmetic collection full of herbs, flowers, fruit, cleanliness and tender care will become your everyday escape to nature and a companion of beautiful and protected skin and hair.
The MEADOW range brings a comprehensive care in three steps: gentle cleansing, balance and support of protective barrier. Only by means of suitable care you can prevent pre-mature skin aging, formation of wrinkles, dark spots and freckles, clogged pores, loss of elasticity, dehydration, irritation, formation of dandruff, or hair loss.

1. Cleansing

Basic skin care consists in correct and regular cleansing. This ritual is particularly important for life in the city. Our face and body skin is daily exposed to extreme stress. Smog, tobacco smoke, heavy metals, free radicals, UV radiation and others are not visible and you do not feel them, however, they affect proper functioning of the skin. Fortunately, you can prevent it. Trust nature, treat your exhausted skin to a tender touch of cleanliness and let it blossom.


2. Balance

Life in the city exhausts our skin. Be the one who sets the rules and boast naturally beautiful face skin in the hustle and bustle of the city. Restore skin balance disrupted by adverse environmental impacts. Rely on the effective cocktail of natural oils, anti-pollution, anti-aging and caring substances and face life in the city.


3. Protection

Protect your face and body skin every day. Suitable care will help it create a natural protective barrier providing effective protection against adverse environmental impacts and helping restore and accentuate its beauty, youth and freshness. Protective shield full of flowers is what your face and body skin needs!

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