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2 Steps for Voluminous and Shiny Hair

As the saying goes hair is a crown of beauty. In hopes of having a perfect hairstyle we expose our hair to many beauty procedures, such as frequent blow drying, curling, straightening or dying … The result is damaged, lank and dull hair with a significant loss of natural pH. High-quality cosmetics protecting hair and colour and saving on expensive hairdressing procedures, which try to save what can be saved, can prevent damaged hair.


We are launching news for protection and volume of hair

Discover two steps for beautiful healthy hair thanks to grape seed oil, grapevine extract, regenerating oat beta-glucan, protective almond oil and TILAMAR® Boost 150 active substance. Specially designed formula for colour protection & increase in hair volume is enriched in antioxidants, proteins and a high percentage of natural ingredients.

1st STEP

WINE COSMETICS Revitalizing Shampoo for Volume & Colour

Start with proper washing… Massage gently an adequate amount of Revitalizing Shampoo to wet hair until lather is created. Rinse afterwards and repeat the procedure, if necessary. After application of the shampoo the volume of your hair will increase gradually during drying. Your hair will be smooth, shiny, hydrated and not tangled. The wine shampoo is suitable mostly for fine hair without volume, or for dyed hair.

Do you love the feeling of perfectly washed and scented hair? Fresh wine fragrance with fruit tones will spread throughout the whole bathroom…

2nd STEP

Revitalizing Balm for Volume & Colour Protection  

After that rub an adequate amount of Revitalizing Conditioner to the washed hair and let it set. Rinse thoroughly 1-3 minutes later.

Tip: A longer exposure time and a bigger amount of the balm will deepen the revitalizing effect, while a shorter time and a smaller amount is ideal for bigger hair volume.

Enjoy the feeling of perfectly cared hair that can be easily tangled and styled with fantastic fragrance, which is more intensive now.

Something more:
  •  - Your hair volume will gradually increase during drying after application of the wine cosmetics hair care. Heat treatment (hair dryer or hair styler) will enhance increase in hair volume.
  • - Both products protect hair colour and quality of hair fibres against UV radiation and strengthen and protect hair keratin.

Ingredients from Czech nature

The hair care contains white wine from southern Moravia winery of Pfeffer family, who possess their own vineyards in a well-known region of Rakvice and who produce with love prized wines of superior quality.


What is TILAMAR® Boost 150?

TILAMAR® Boost 150 active substance for volume is based on 50 years of scientific experience and more than 500 tests. Besides significant increase in volume it also makes hair detangling easier.


If you are a lover of wine, look at the whole WINE COLLECTION, which will delight you with other popular products for smooth and hydrated skin of the whole body. Beauty is in wine. Cheers!

Manufaktura wishes you beautiful spring days

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